Rollei Einbeinstativ TGC-86

  • Max. load: 25 kg
  • Max. height: 151 cm

You can’t go wrong with the TGC-86. This fierce stabilizing pillar is in a class of its own. Be it sand, snow or treacherous slush, there’s nothing Mother Nature can throw at you to destabilize your trusty TGC-86. Come rain or shine, with the TGC-86 professional monopod as your ally, you’ll get the job done.

TGC-86 takes professional photography to a new level

There’s hardly anything the TGC-86 is unable to do for you. Save for a handful of situations, such as zero gravity, for instance, there’s no environment the TGC-86 can’t handle. Support your expensive camera and keep it steady using this professional monopod for photos with irreproachable focus and clarity. It can handle the largest of cameras and it can support a whopping 40 times its own weight.

While the TGC-86 is definitely one of the best monopods that money can buy, it’s so delightfully light, small and inconspicuous that you wouldn’t think less of a dedicated amateur, should he choose to use the TGC-86 for recreational purposes.

But when you have a tool this powerful, it would be a shame to waste it on trivial pursuits. The TGC-86’s virtues come through when it’s paired with a camera that captures sports events, outdoor activities and so on. A volley ball game on the Waikiki beach? The TGC-86 is there to cover it. A ski jump in Norway? Your TGC-86 wouldn’t miss it for the world. A low-key wildlife documentary? Prepare to be amazed, much like your viewers.

TGC-86 ticks all the right boxes

If professional monopods are what you need, then professional-grade accessories are what this nearly one century old optical equipment manufacturer, Rollei, has in store for you. Don’t let bad weather, unsuitable equipment, or outdated accessories put a damper on your passion for photography. TGC-86 is here to see to it that you make the best of your skills and your opportunities.

Material: Carbon


Weight (excl. ball head) 0.62 kg
Max height 151 cm
Min height 41 cm
Load 25 kg
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