Rollei Stativ NGC-65

  • Max. load: 5 kg
  • Max. height: 146 cm

NGC-65: the big-league carbon monopod

Rollei doesn’t take the customer’s wishes lightly. That’s why it came up with an extendable monopod made of nothing other than carbon fibre for the ultimate in strength and durability. Not only does the NGC-65 boast premium build quality and superior design, but it also comes at a price that puts contenders to shame.

T-lock, stock and barrel

This carbon monopod has everything you could possibly wish for and more. Precise adjustments, 360-degree panoramic pictures and a carbon frame that could make Pompey’s Pillar blush.

It can easily hold twelve times its own weight and save you the effort of lifting and keeping 5 kilograms steady in your arms. It will fit any DSLR camera on the market today, and it will only take up less space than a classic flashlight. Add the slim design of the tubing and the retractable extensions and you’re looking at one of the best monopods an adventurer could ever hope to use.

Finally, the cherry on the cake is the NGC-65’s T-lock system, arguably one of the best thing innovations and certainly a feature that separates the men from the boys. It doesn’t take much to lock the camera into place. In fact, the entire monopod locking system can be operated with just one hand.

You needn’t worry about keeping this monopod safe as it comes with its own bag, but it can easily be stored alongside your other accessories, as well.

Alloy, make way for carbon monopod

Rollei is moving on with the times and crafting out monopods featuring cutting-edge technology and premium craftsmanship. This piece compliments and supports a DSLR splendidly and brings out the best in you and your camera. Take it with you on your journeys and never let go; your camera will thank you for it.

Material: Carbon


Weight (excl. ball head) 0.39 kg
Max height 146 cm
Min height 40.5 cm
Load 5 kg
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