Rollei Tripod Compact Traveler Star S1 (in the past: DIGI 3400) White

  • Max. load: 2 kg
  • Max. height: 120 cm
  • Compact, flexible and ultra-light tripod
  • 3x extendible
  • With Quick Relase Plate
  • Ideal for travel and outdoor activities

Compact Traveler Star S1, the ultra-light tripod for the super busy

An entry-level compact video tripod for the photography enthusiast who loves to travel, explore, immortalize and capture outdoor scenes that radiate vitality, the Compact Traveler Star S1 (in the past: DIGI 3400) is a filming essential.
This sturdy little tripod is the beginning of a great cinematic endeavour and a durable, reliable accessory that will bring out the best of what you and your camera have to offer. Don’t let a moment go to waste with the Compact Traveler Star S1, a tripod that can join you on any adventure.

The Compact Traveler Star S1 compact video tripod doesn’t disappoint

Granted, it won’t hold bulky cameras, like a DSLR and such, but it will readily hold up anything you mount on it that doesn’t exceed two kilograms. In other words, it will support nearly four times its own weight in photographic or video equipment. It’s well suited to handle digital cameras and light camcorders, and it simply won’t budge thanks to the sturdy aluminium frame.

As it comes with a quick release plate, it’s ideal for people who are on the move. Is there an outdoor shindig you can’t wait to record for posterity, or have you found the most amazing waterfall nestled in a forlorn mountain, somewhere? There’s nothing the Compact Traveler Star S1 can’t help you immortalize.

Set up the compact video tripod instantly, extend and adjust it in a flash, tilt the camera to whichever angle you like and let it roll!

Compact Traveler Star S1 is the essential video accessory

If Rollei’s DIGI3400 fails to convince you with its sturdiness, build quality, incredibly low price, resilience or ball head control, then it’s bound to capture your interest with its fabulous colour range. Take your pick and start taking your pic!

Material: Aluminium


Weight (excl. ball head) 0.57 kg
Min height 28.5 cm
Max height 120 cm
Base width 40 cm
Tripod load 2 kg
Segments 4 Stativbeinsegmente Stativbeindurchmesser: 20,17,14,11mm

Ball head

Name integrierter Stativkopf
Controls pan, tilt, lock
Load 2 kg
Dimensions of quick release plate 3 x 4 cm
Weight of quick release plate 0.01 kg
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