Rollei Ball Head T-3S Orange

  • High-class ball head
  • Max. load: 15 kg
  • Detailed scale for panoramic shootings
  • Excellent smooth movement for horizontal pans
  • High loading capacity (15 kg)
  • Available in titanium, gold, orange, blue, black

The panorama ball head design of the Rollei T-3S is one of its most important features. This arises from the fact that a ball head will provide smooth panning from side to side; a benefit that is ideal to capture moving shots such as during a race or sporting event. However, smooth horizontal panning is not the only amenity offered by the T-3S. It also enables the user to tilt and lock the attached camera in place. This further adds to the versatility to be enjoyed. What are a handful of the other advantages associated with this model?

A Closer Look at the T-3S Panorama Ball Head

Being able to properly level a camera can be difficult. This can arise from uneven terrain or time constraints (such as could occur when suddenly having to film a thunderstorm in the distance). Thankfully, the Rollei T-3S comes equipped with two separate spirit levels. Minor adjustments can therefore be made in a matter of seconds.

Other unique aspects of this panoramic ball head include:

  • Quick damping adjustments.
  • A smooth clamping mechanism.
  • A massive maximum load capacity of 15 kilograms.

Besides these metrics, the unit itself is available in colours of titanium, orange, gold or blue. So, visibility and style are also taken into account within its overall design. Manufactured from high-grade aluminium and weighing only 360 grams, the T-3S can be quickly transported from place to place. This is an obvious benefit when planning a camping trip or a holiday.

This ball mount is as reliable as it is versatile and capturing a perfectly stable panoramic shot has never been more of a reality with the T-3S.

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