Rollei ePano II 360 motorized swivel head

  • Motorized photo DSLR Swivel Head
  • For fascinating 360° panorama videos and pictures
  • With various setting options for fascinating 360° panorama photo time lapse recording
  • Compatible for DSLR cameras, action cameras, DSC camera and Smartphone*
  • Various degree settings: 15 °, 30 °, 45, ° 60 °, 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° and 360 °
  • Various time settings: 5min, 15min, 30min and 60min
  • Different angles possible: horizontal (1.5 kg), 30° (1 kg), vertical (0.8 kg) and overhead (1.5 kg)
  • Connection 1/4 inch thread screw and 1/4 thread for tripods
  • Battery up to 6 hour Li ion battery (up to1 kg carry weight)
  • Standby time up to 50 hours
  • Maximum load up to 1500 g

Create Impressive Panoramic Time Lapses

With the ePano II 360, capturing unique and fascinating time lapses is possible in a highly controlled and customisable way. The turntable can rotate a variety of attachable cameras, making it possible to take panoramic shots of, for instance, busy market squares or beautiful horizons in full HD. A moving time lapse is an impressive and professional-looking film technique that is a must in any photographer’s repertoire.

Attach a Range of Cameras

The ePano has a ¼ inch thread screw at the top of the device, making it compatible with action cameras, DSLR cameras, smartphones (adapter required) and many more besides. For horizontal panoramas, the maximum recommended weight is 1.5kg, ideal for most cameras. At a 30° angle, which provides a unique perspective, the limit is 1kg. A panorama directed at the stars in an overhead view also has a limit of 1.5kg while vertical shots can be taken with cameras up to 0.8 kg in weight.

A Highly Customisable DSLR Photography Turntable

The main attraction for the ePano II 360 is the extensive settings for capturing the perfect time lapse. With a range of degree adjustments from 15° to 360°, an attached camera can photograph a whole scene, if necessary, creating an impressive panorama. Also, the five time settings (5min to 60min) allow a camera to time lapse on particular areas briefly or for an extended period, ideal for a variety of surroundings of varying detail.

Attach to a Tripod for Greater Stability

For greater rotation, movement and stability, the Rollei ePano II 360 DSLR can be attached to a tripod with the compatible ¼ inch thread at the bottom of the device. Whether on a tripod or not, create beautiful and interesting time lapses with this DSLR Photography Turntable.

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