Rollei Tripod Head RH-10

  • Aluminum Tripod Head with 3 spirit levels
  • For rotations of up to 360°
  • Maximum Load 10 kg
  • Inclination angle of 90°
  • 3/8“ tripod thread
  • 2 quick lock systems made of metal to adjust the rotation and the inclination
  • Twist-locking connector for rotating the quick release plate with 1/4“ thread

Rollei has been providing quality cameras and camera accessories since 1920. It should therefore come as no surprise that the RH-10 tripod head with water spirit level is one of the most popular items. Easy to mount, durable and versatile, this unit is suited to handle a host of outdoor conditions while it is able to take stable shots which can prove difficult on uneven terrain (such as is often encountered during an outdoor excursion). Still, the RH-10 is just as useful during normal conditions such as filming a music festival or sporting event. What are some of the unique aspects of this model?

The RH-10 Tripod Head with Water Spirit Level

Manufactured specifically by Fotopro for Rollei, this tripod mount it fashioned from lightweight aluminium and yet it will be able to handle up to ten kilograms comfortably. It can rotate a full 360 degrees to provide stunning panoramic shots such as those to be enjoyed on top of a mountain. It also boasts an inclination angle of up to 90 degrees. Note that both inclination and rotation can be adjusted through the use of simple twist-lock connectors.

The Ultimate Balancing Act

The three spirit levels will guarantee a stable filming position along all three axes. Therefore, obtaining even the most challenging shots can be made simple.

Two independent locking systems enable the unit to remain firmly in place and a small pouch is included for easy transport while out and about. For the outdoor enthusiast or the weekend photography hobbyist, the RH-10 mount is a perfect choice.

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