Tripod Head MH-7

  • Max. load: 4 kg
  • Innovative tripod head made of aluminum
  • For DSLR cameras and video camcorder
  • With a unique rotating mechanism and high functionality
  • For 360° panoramic recordings
  • Smooth movements without jerking by a fluid system for steady recordings
  • Long quick release plate with 1/4“ and 3/8“ tripod thread to attach also additonal accessories
  • The inclination of the swivel arm can be adjusted easily and individually by a seperate locking mechanism
  • Swivel arm with a fixed length and a soft handle

There are times when recording an important event or photographing certain surroundings are simply not possible with a handheld camera. Mounting such a camera upon a fluid tripod head is often the ideal alternative. Whether one is hoping to professionally document a wedding ceremony or a sporting event needs to be filmed from the side lines, a stable platform is an excellent option. This mounting mechanism offered by Rollei will offer the user unsurpassed levels of control. Weighing only four kilograms, it is easy to attach and fashioned from aluminium, it will stand up to temperature variations and the outdoor elements.

A Fluid Tripod Head and Much More

Thanks to innovative engineering, the head will smoothly rotate upon the tripod and provide 360 degrees of movement. As mentioned previously, fluid within this unit will afford predictable rotation without the jerky motions that are sometimes associate with other versions. So, this mount is also just as powerful at tracking action-packed occasions such as a bicycle marathon or a cross-country race. This is meant to be used with a wide selection of video and DSLR cameras.

Universal Appeal

The MH-7 tripod head is equipped to handle additional accessories and cameras manufactured by Rollei. Manipulation is made even easier with a swivel arm that offers a soft handle for better grip and control. It will also be able to attach to all existing Rollei tripods.

As this unit combines a user-friendly functionality alongside lightweight portability, it is perfect to take on any outing. Just as suited for capturing a stunning sunset as it is when recording a gathering of friends or family, the MH-7 equally appeals to novices and professionals.

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