Rollei Rock Solid Beta Carbon Tripod

  • Tripod pipes made of 100 % carbon
  • 8 layers of carbon manufactured with cross structure for an extreme stability – optimum vibration damping
  • when using lenses with large focal lengths
  • Stable and protected against corrosion
  • Robust and powerful – at any location, even in the sand and saltwater!
  • Suitable for all temperatures
  • Mounting plate with 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch connection
  • Leg angle of attack with three locking positions
  • Quick release for leg-locking
  • Ideal for taking pictures near the ground
  • Extremely high loading capacity (22 kg)
  • Especially designed for travel and
  • nature photographers
  • Spikes for a secure grip

Rollei Rock Solid Carbon Beta tripod

Travel and nature photographers always have to lug a full set of gear along to ensure they’re prepared to shoot any subject. Tripods that are stable, rugged and lightweight are therefore highly prized by such professionals. The travel tripods in Rollei’s Rock Solid Carbon range have been specially designed and manufactured to meet these demanding requirements.

Ultra-stable, durable, weatherproof – even upside-down

To keep the stowed size as small as possible, tripods in the Rollei Rock Solid Carbon range can pivot their legs 180° and, as a practical benefit, can also be set up in this position. With the tripod inverted, the centre column points down, to enable extreme macro shots. The tripod legs feature a sophisticated design using eight layers of carbon fibre, whose cross-woven structure guarantees maximum possible vibration damping. Professional super-telephoto lenses are not only heavyweight gear, but must also be handled without being subjected to even the slightest of shocks.

The Beta tripod can take a maximum load of 22 kg, even when all of its tripod leg segments have been fully extended. Rugged yet easy-to-use quick-twist locks and three sturdy locking positions on the legs mean the tripod can be set up very quickly. In very cramped conditions or when extra support is needed for taking snapshots, the Rollei Rock Solid Carbon Beta tripod is also easy to convert into a monopod.

Everything that a pro photographer really needs

To give the tripod a literally rock-solid grip on problem surfaces, three solid spikes are included with the Beta. After all, it would be pretty frustrating to miss recording the arduous ascent of the glacier for posterity because the tripod (plus camera) has slipped into the col. Since professional SLR housings are almost always bought with a matching tripod head, Rollei doesn’t include this piece of equipment with the Beta tripod. Instead, we’ve concentrated on more useful accessories such as leg spikes, an extra short centre column, a rugged carry case, a shoulder strap and three Allen keys for making adjustments.

Material: Carbon, Aluminium


Weight (excl. ball head) 1.72 kg
Min height 16 cm
Max height 165 cm
Tripod load 22 kg
Segments 4


Weight (excl. ball head) 0.56 kg
Max height 177 cm
Min height 82.5 cm
Load 22 kg
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