Rollei Rock Solid Tripod Beta 180 Carbon

  • Tripod pipes made of 100 % carbon
  • Swiveling center column
  • Y-Tube columns for a compact design, saving 30% space
  • 8 layers of carbon manufactured with cross structure for an extreme stability – optimum vibration damping
  • Stable and protected against corrosion
  • Robust and powerful – at any location, even in the sand and saltwater!
  • Suitable for all temperatures
  • Mounting plate with 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch connection
  • Quick release for leg-locking
  • Short center column - Ideal for ground-level shots
  • Extremely high loading capacity (up to 10 kg)
  • Especially designed for travel and nature photographers
  • Spikes for a secure grip

Rollei Rock Solid Beta 180 Carbon or Aluminium

The name says it all: Rollei’s range of Rock Solid tripods is designed to handle the toughest environments and professional demands. The Rollei Rock Solid Beta 180 can take up to 10 kg of heavy equipment such as pro housings and lenses with very long focal lengths, sophisticated filter configurations or flash setups. Offering a lofty maximum height of 170 cm, the tripod is also quite happy to stand for hours with aggressive salt water washing around it or planted deep in millions of ultrafine sand grains in the burning sun.

“180” stands for the new, ultra-flexible centre column

The number in the Rock Solid Beta 180’s name highlights the impressive vertical pivot range of the centre column, which includes lateral movement or making a full turn around its own axis – position it exactly how you want it! It’s ideal for adjusting to a specific angle once you’ve already got the tripod level and perfectly stable for the shot. The Y-shaped innovation also saves about 30% in terms of stowage space. And you don’t even need to max out the full 180° to get your camera right down to ground level: thanks to the centre column’s pivoting skills, the minimum height can be reduced to an incredible 2.5 cm. As an alternative, the tripod package also includes a short centre column for near-ground shots.

Accessories for pros and keen amateur photographers

With Rollei, our product packages already give you the accessories that other brands make you buy separately. With the Rock Solid Beta 180, we include a second short centre column and a side hook for balancing out with weights, as well as handy steel spikes for difficult surfaces, a 1/4” to 3/8” adapter and the Allen key for assembling and taking apart the tripod legs. A perfect set of add-ons for this outdoor tripod that truly expands your shooting options!

Take the touch test: carbon makes the difference

Carbon fibre is not only impossibly light and incredibly strong along the grain – handling your new outdoor tripod is also more pleasant and less sensitive to temperature. Since carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) is much more tolerant of baking heat or bone-chilling cold, you always have a piece of well-tempered high-tech kit in your hand. And a tripod that weighs in at just 1.87 kg! Including the two padded areas, which turn the upper part of the tripod legs into a comfortable support if you want to shoulder the Rock Solid Beta 180 Carbon on the way to your next shooting.

Material: Carbon


Weight (excl. ball head) 1.87 kg
Min height 2.5 cm
Max height 172.4 cm
Base width 9 cm
Tripod load 10 kg
Segments 4 Segmente Stativbeindurchmesser: 31, 28, 25, 22 mm

Pack Size

Width 9 cm
Height 57 cm
Depth 9 cm
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