Rollei Tripod CT-4A Titanium

  • Max. load: 8 kg
  • Max. height: 140 cm
  • ARCA SWISS compatible
  • 3D ball head for professional applications
  • With angular adjustment in three ways and a separate two-section center column
  • Patented semi-automatic stand-angle button
  • Non-slip foam grip on the tripod legs, protecting your fingers from the cold and for a secure grip
  • With hidden hook
  • Compact multi-function tripod - to use as a mini-tripod, handle or professional monopod
  • Incl. panorama ball head, tripod case, neck strap and tool for readjusting
  • Available in titanium, red, orange, green and blue

Ideal for anyone who wants a universal tripod which can carry out a wide range of functions, this Rollei CT-4A tripod offers a stable platform for all sorts of image making. The 3D tripod ball head is capable of many professional level applications and can improve all sorts of stills and video capture. Used indoors and out, the CT-4A has an angular adjustment which can be applied in three different ways and it also boasts a separate two-section centre column. Fully adjustable, the tripod will improve a wide range of image making, from shooting wedding videos to making more impressive social media clips. The tripod is easy to use and has a patented semi-automatic button for setting the stand-angle as well as a useful double button mechanism for locking the central column. Helping you to get steady images even in slippery conditions, like beaches and wet rocks, the tripod has non-slip foam grips on its legs. Ideal for outdoor shooting - and particularly useful for nature photographers working in the field - these foam sections help to protect your fingers from the cold as well as offering a secure grip.

The 3D Tripod Ball Head

The Stativkopf FPH-53P head used in this product allows for pan and tilt and can be easily locked. Weighing just 275 grams, the 3D ball head is capable of being loaded with up to 8 kilos of equipment, so professional video equipment can be used with it with confidence.

Tripod Details

Weighing just 1,060 grams, without the ball head, the CT-4A has a three built-in spirit levels for perfect adjustments. The tripod extends to a maximum height of 1,470 mm but can be used a compact monopod at a height of just 190 mm, if preferred. Available in a choice of titanium, red, orange, blue or green, try one out - especially if you want to capture sharper images of the natural world.

Material: Aluminium


Weight (excl. ball head) 1.06 kg
Weight (incl. ball head) 1.34 kg
Min height 19 cm
Max height 147 cm
Tripod load 8 kg
Segments 4 Stativbeinsegmente Stativbeindurchmesser: 22,19,16,13mm

Mini tripod

Max height 36 cm
Min height 19 cm
Load 8 kg

Ball head

Name Stativkopf FPH-53P
Controls pan, tilt, lock
Height 8 cm
Base width 4.5 cm
Weight 0.28 kg
Load 8 kg
Dimensions of quick release plate 4 x 4.1 cm
Weight of quick release plate 0.03 kg
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