Rollei Tripod CT-5A

  • Max. load: 8 kg
  • Max. height: 157 cm
  • ARCA SWISS compatible
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Column brake to lock the central column
  • Handy quick-release locks to secure the leg lengths
  • Non-slip foam grip on the tripod legs
  • Compact, 4x extendible 4-in-1 tripod
  • Tripod head with spirit level
  • Incl. Panorama ball head, mini-tripod feet and tripod bag

The CT-5A is a universal tripod which boasts an all-in-one photographic and recording capability. The sturdy aluminium legs will lock firmly into place and can be individually extended up to four times. This will help to accommodate for uneven terrain or different filming heights. Unsurprisingly, the CT-5A has numerous applications. This tripod can be employed in situations such as:

- Outdoor adventures.
- Sporting activities.
- Obtaining wide-angle or panoramic shots.
- Special occasions such as graduations, symposiums or weddings.

Features of the CT-5A Universal Tripod

The tripod itself is able to provide a maximum working height (not including the ball head and the camera) of 1.57 metres. A minimum height of 170 millimetres will aid in low-level recording needs. It can support a load of up to eight kilograms.

A Stativkopf FPH-52Q ball head provides superior levels of stability while adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds. Users will be able to pan, tilt and lock the mechanism in place. A quick-release plate of 28 grams is also included. This plate will accommodate the ActionCam series of cameras offered by Rollei.

While the dimensions of this tripod are impressive, it can be quickly folded up and transported along with other items. So, the unit is a worthwhile addition to bring along while travelling or hiking. The central column can be securely locked and the added ergonomics of padded foam grips boast greater levels of comfort and manipulation within extreme environments.

The CT-5A universal tripod is the ultimate choice for flexibility and lightweight transport. For anyone who seeks to enjoy expert levels of recording and photography, this tripod is a wonderful selection.

Material: Aluminium


Weight (excl. ball head) 1.43 kg
Weight (incl. ball head) 1.74 kg
Min height 17 cm
Max height 157 cm
Base width 19 cm
Tripod load 8 kg
Segments 4 Stativbeinsegmente Stativbeindurchmesser 25,,22,18,16mm


Weight (excl. ball head) 0.36 kg
Weight (incl. ball head) 0.67 kg
Max height 163 cm
Min height 40 cm
Load 8 kg

Mini tripod

Max height 49 cm
Min height 22 cm
Load 8 kg

Ball head

Name Stativkopf FPH-52Q
Controls pan, tilt, lock
Height 7.2 cm
Base width 4.3 cm
Weight 0.31 kg
Load 8 kg
Dimensions of quick release plate 4 x 4.1 cm
Weight of quick release plate 0.03 kg
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  • Stativ CT-5

    How can I loosen the quick change unit from the head in order to replace it by one of higher quality f.ex. novoflex mini connect

    Answer: The quick release plate of the tripod can be loosened by open the screw at the side of the plate.

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