Rollei Tripod X4i-W + 53P

  • Max. load: 5 kg
  • Max. height: 135 cm

The Fotopro X4i-W is the natural choice

You don’t see much professional photographic equipment with aesthetic appeal these days, but the X4i-WE panorama tripod is here to change all that. If, like many photographers, you’d like to add a splash of colour and a bit of refinement to your photo shoots, take a gander at the X4i-W tripod, created exclusively for Rollei by Fotopro. Not only does it sport anodic oxidized, lightweight aluminium legs created using precise CNC technology and painted in dashing black, but it also dons white porcelain heads with elegant blue floral motifs and scale markings. To help make your adjustments even more precise, there’s a spirit level on the 53P Panorama 3D ball head, and the length and angle of the legs can also be changed at leisure. Securing these legs in place is a breeze thanks to the quick-release locks.

The X4i-W panorama tripod is just as sturdy as it is eye-catching

The central column has a retractable second segment, bringing the tripod to a maximum height of 1.35m, and a concealed ballast hook allows you to add counterweights for improved stability even at this height. With the addition of the ballast, the X4i-W can withstand the weight of 5kg, even on surfaces which are not perfectly level. Switch from rubber feet on land to spikes on sand, and you can rest assured the X4i-W has a firm grip on the situation. With foam grips protecting your hands in harsh weather conditions, you should be able to set it up and wrap it up in mere seconds.

The X4i-W is a tripod with flair

This panorama tripod is a hit with the ladies, but it’s more than the looks of the X4i-W that catches your eye. This is one piece of photographic equipment you’re bound to remember because it features everything that Rollei stands for, namely quality, professionalism and style, but in a pretty, delicate package.

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  • head lock

    the lock system also locks the panorama mode? thank you

    Answer: Could you please give us more details about your request.

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