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Rollei Astroklar Night Pollution Filter 105 mm circular photo filter

  • Effectively reduces light pollution during darkness
  • Manufactured from high-quality optical glass
  • Double-sided nanocoating
  • Prevents reflections
  • Water, oil and dirt-repellent
  • Neutral behaviour within the infrared light range
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The phenomenon of ever-increasing light pollution doesn’t only adversely affect the quality of night-time city and architectural photographs but also scientific astrophotography in urban population centres, where it can feel impossible to capture the night sky as a result. Therefore, large reflector telescopes are located on mountain summits and islands or in deserted areas without perceptible light pollution. “Normal” professional and amateur photographers can now use the new Rollei Astroklar Round Filter to reduce the unwanted effect of light pollution, giving their photographs more contrast and clarity as a reult.

Works reliably against light pollution…

{0>Owing to a special coating, the new Rollei Astroklar Round Filter reduces unwanted yellow and orange light components to a large extent and ensures that even difficult structures and transitions are still reasonably represented and don’t stand out. The starlit night sky and illuminated building panoramas gain considerably in contrast and definition. Even extremely distant, barely visible stars can appear clearly in an astrophotograph. Choose between four common lens diameters for astrophotography and urban night-time shots; the Rollei Astroklar Round Filter is available in 39, 40.5, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82, 86, 95 and 105 mm formats.

Because of the special anti-light pollution coating, while using your Astroklar filter, your photographs capture a slightly cooler light component than that taken without. To ensure correct tone in your images, you should therefore use a manual white balance when you work with the Astroklar filter in order to take counteractive measures where necessary. Our recommendation: select a colour temperature between +700 K and +1,500 K of the white balance that was accomplished without a filterin order to obtain authentic colours in the final result.

… and steadily repels water, oil and dirt.

The new Rollei Astroklar Round Filter is designed for everyday use, with a sophisticated, double-sided nanocoating of high-quality, optical glass. This coating continuously reduces undesired light reflections, which can ruin your whole shot, especially in the case of long exposures at night. The protective layer also repels dirt, oil, and water and you can simply remove any residue with a quick wipe of your cleaning cloth. The anti-light pollution coating of the Astroklar round filters leads to a reduction of light transmission of a 2/3 aperture increment/f-stop. Regardless of whether you use the filter individually or in combination with other lenses, the use of a tripod and a wired or a wireless release guarantees that not only can you record high-contrast, detailed astrophotographs or subjects at night, but you can also save razor-sharp images on the memory card of your camera.

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