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Rollei City Traveler Mini Table Stand Green

  • Super light Carbon tripod with a total weight of 613 g
    and a max. height of 46 cm
  • Folded length 19 cm – put it into a backpack and off
    you go!
  • Dynamic and perfectly processed lightweight design
  • Set up within 8 seconds thanks to the twist lock
  • Incl. ball head with panoramic function
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet grant sharp and
    vibration-free pictures
  • Separable and reversible center column for macro shots
  • Mini travelling tripod for travel photography and city
  • Available in 3 colours: orange, green and titanium
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Carbon table stand for DSLM cameras, action cameras, 360-degree cameras & Smartphones

The table camera stands of the City Traveler Mini series made of carbon are high-quality three-legged mini stands for compact cameras & system cameras (DSLM / mirrorless cameras).Also Smartphones, action cams & 360-degree cameras (for a particularly impressive fully spherical 2 x 360-degrees of panoramas) can be mounted.The small, flexible and dynamic mini travel stand was manufactured in the ultra-light carbon design.We supply this variant in green, with a dead weight of 613 g incl. a ball-shaped head and a small packed size of 19 cm with a maximum working height of 46 cm.Thus it fits comfortably into any rucksack and can be easily transported without any expenditure of effort.

Thanks to the twist lock/quick release mechanism + quick change plate the table stand is assembled and disassembled in 8 seconds.So you can also take pictures and videos of subjects and events like fast moving objects or animals, which require a fast response time.Then these images also remain vibration-free and sharp.At the same time, long exposure photography, which guarantees vibration-free shots without the loss of image definition, is simplified with a table stand even with a very long exposure time.That can be exciting in the case of city photography and architectural shots, for example, if you don’t want to include people and cars in the shots.By hand, this has to become shaky after a few seconds of exposure time.The picture becomes indistinct.Here, the Rollei carbon stand of the City Traveler series adopts effective countermeasures.

Therefore, it is ideally suitable for travel photography in cities and can be placed on walls, the ground or tables for example.The skid-proof rubber feet guarantee a secure foothold.Thanks to the panorama function, the ball-shaped head included in the scope of delivery facilitates particularly beautiful photographs of the landscape & environment of your travel destination.The central column of the City Traveler Table Stand is also reversible and divisible so that you can even take vibration-free shots, which are impressive due to a special atmosphere, close to the ground and can photograph or shoot scenery from a very special perspective (micro and macro photography).Without having to squat or lie on the ground.

Ultra-light and flexible, but sturdy nevertheless - the City Traveler series

Despite its ultra-light carbon structure the table and travel stand amounts to a maximumload of 5 kilos.Not just compact cameras, but also DSLM cameras + (a light or moderately heavy) lens can also be attached to it.This is accomplished by means of a quick change plate/a quick-coupler plate, which is installed on the camera beforehand.Thus you can change from a stand to shooting by hand in a few seconds and if necessary, prepare different cameras for use of the stand and quickly switch from one to another.A further advantage, owing to which you won’t miss any more photo opportunities and will always get the best out of your videos & pictures.Because with a stand very long exposure times also become possible, e.g. with the assistance of an ND filter or CPL filter, without affecting image definition adversely.After a few seconds this is no longer by hand as you automatically begin to wobble.Especially in the case of photographs of flowing water, extensive landscape pictures or striking architectural shots, long exposure with neutral density filters (ND filters) looks very impressive. However, CPL filters make particularly high-contrast and impressive landscape photographs possible by filtering polarized light and intensifying basic colours in the process.In addition, they make pictures that are free from reflections and mirror images possible.

The advantage of a table stand in comparison to a normal stand is that a table stand not only offers effective and flexibly applicable protection from blurring, but at the same time it provides a practical format, whereby it can be taken everywhere and can be assembled and disassembled quickly.Our Rollei table stands offer the perfect symbiosis of professional equipment and maximum mobility as well as optimal user friendliness – especially for amateur photographers on trips.

Buy the Rollei City Traveler mini camera table stands from 149,99 Euro.

Advantages of the City Traveler Mini Table Stand as a travel stand:

  • Very light (613 g dead weight and a small packed size of 19 cm)
  • Thus it has hardly any impact on space and weight in your flight baggage
  • Can be carried comfortably in your rucksack
  • Ball-shaped head, quick release plate & stand bag included
  • In approx.8 seconds it can be assembled or disassembled - thanks to the twist lock mechanism
  • A reversible central column for micro and macro photography
  • A ball-shaped head incl. Panorama function
  • A camera can be mounted quickly via a quick release plate
  • The ball-shaped head facilitates adjustment to all conceivable angles of rotation and inclination
  • Vibration-free macro photography, wildlife photography, sport photography, time lapse & panorama shots are also possible for amateur photographers due to the table stand.
  • Enables longer exposure times without the loss of image definition
  • Suitable for DSLM cameras, action cameras and 360-degree cameras

Why buy a City Traveler Mini Table Stand for travel and landscape photography?

Especially on trips or for special events preserve the most beautiful and the most unique moments with your camera.Therefore, especially then, the pictures and videos should be vibration-free and sharp.Often there is no second chance.In addition, on trips we also often take longer shots or work with long exposure, e.g.videos & pictures of impressive architecture, breath-taking landscape & travel photography or impressions from the bustling city centre of your travel destination - gladly also as a panorama photograph or from unusual angles of rotation and inclination.This requires a vibration-free shot and if necessary, long exposure and therefore also a suitable, flexible travel stand like our City Traveler Mini Table Stand. In addition an action camera or a 360-degree camera can be mounted on the City Traveler mini stand, which will provide for particularly exciting photographs on holiday or outdoors.

With a 360-degree camera you can create fully spherical panorama shots and capture all horizontal and vertical angles (2 x 360 degrees) of a subject.With our 360-degree cameras you can also stream these photographs directly via Wi-Fi on Facebook & YouTube or upload them later.Whilst viewing these panorama videos & pictures, you can look around in them freely with a mouse-click or swipe to see what makes holiday memories particularly lively and individual.Of course, this experience becomes particularly impressive with VR glasses, with which you can look around freely in all directions in all of your holiday or outdoor shots as if you were still directly on site.

In the process but especially in the case of 360-degree camera photographs, it always depends on the picture section, which you often cannot keep it level when you are doing it freehand.Also you like to take photos of yourself or other people when you are traveling with your camera and confronted by great subjects & scenery.Therefore, a travel stand should be sturdy enough to be able to stabilize more high-performance cameras + lenses but at the same time not to weigh down your luggage too much with its dead weight.It’s only in this way that sharp, atmospheric portraits, landscape and architectural photographs and wonderful panorama pictures & videos of your holiday trip or outdoor activity are created.The City Traveler Mini Table Stand fulfills all of these requirements par excellence.

Because it was manufactured from high-quality carbon to be sturdy but it was also designed to be practical and ultra-light.The carbon provides for a low dead weight with high material quality and stability, supported by the skid-proof rubber feet.In addition, you can assemble and disassemble the table stand within seconds and mount the camera or switch it back into the freehand photography modejust as fast (quick release plate).In this way you won’t miss any opportunity for breathtakingly sharp video footage & pictures on trips or during outdoor activities.The response time is often the crucial factor for the most impressive shots.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a panorama shot of St. Mark’s Square in Venice taken comfortably from the table of your favourite restaurant, or impressively sharp pictures of tiny animals or plants – everything is possible with the green table stand from the City Traveler Mini series.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
Tripod, ball head, quick release plate, tripod bag, manual
Max. Height (mm):
Packing size (mm):
Max. Load (g):
Quick-release plate:
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Weight (g):
Tripod head:
Pan, lock and tilt
Height (mm):
Base width (mm):
Weight (g):
Max. Load (g):
Tripod leg diameter (mm):
22, 19, 16, 13 mm
Tripod leg segments (pieces):
Max. Height (mm):
Max. Working height with centre column retracted (mm):
Min. height (mm):
Length of centre column (mm):
Centre column divisible:
Pack size (mm):
Max. Load (g):
Weight without tripod head (g):
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