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Rollei City Traveler XL Tripod Green

  • Super light Carbon tripod with a total weight of 1115 g
    and a max. height of 156 cm
  • Folded length 42 cm – put it into a backpack and off
    you go!
  • Dynamic and perfectly processed lightweight design
  • Set up within 10 seconds thanks to the twist lock
  • Incl. ball head with panoramic function
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet grant sharp and
    vibration-free pictures
  • Separable and reversible center column for macro shots
  • Hook at the bottom of the center column to attach a
    counterweight for more stability
  • Compact travelling tripod for travel photography and
    city trips
  • Available in 3 colours: orange, green and titanium
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Often the most beautiful moments & subjects on an outdoor tour or a city trip are those that were over as quickly as they came. By the time the stand is up, everything is already over. Or you would like to work with long exposure, for example for architectural shots, which is hardly possible freehand without vibrations and thus the loss of image definition. The same applies to panorama photographs e.g. with 360-degree cameras. Sharp and vibration-free pictures & videos are indispensable especially for atmospheric landscape photographs and special photography modes such as macro, wildlife and sport photography and time-lapse & panorama shoots.

The best travel stand for travel and landscape photography is thus not only of a small packed size and light in its own weight, but also can be assembled and disassembled quickly and is flexible, simple and nevertheless smart in its functionality. Our new carbon travel stands do not bear the name, City Traveler in vain. Everything from the small packed size of the XL variant, which amounts to only 42 cm, by way of the low dead weight of 1,115 g to the twist lock mechanism for assembly and disassembly in 10 seconds is crafted to assist amateur and professional photographers when they travel.

By the compact, high-quality ultra-light design made of carbon the tripod can be transported effortlessly and has hardly effect on the weight and the space in your luggage. Nevertheless stability is guaranteed and it is also supported by non-skid rubber feet and the option of attaching a counterweight to the central column hook. Thus the stand is suitable for use with system cameras (DSLM) and lenses, and also for action cameras, 360-degree cameras and Smartphones.

Ideal, flexible functionality for travel and landscape photographers

The design of our City Traveler travel stands made from carbon is distinctive due to the following characteristics:

  • ease of transport
  • flexibility in use
  • a capacity for quick assembly on the spur of the moment

But that is not all. In addition, their functionality is impressive on all levels - in the truest sense of the word. The maximum working height is 156 cm despite the packed size of only 42 cm. However, owing to the reversible, divisible central column, taking photographs close to the ground at the same time is possible and thus micro and macro photography. Therefore, in the meantime, the ball-shaped head included in the scope of delivery comes with a panorama function and can also be aligned at all possible angles of rotation and inclination.

The camera is attached by means of a quick release plate. The camera is screwed onto this and then the quick release plate is attached to the City Traveler XL Travel Stand. So, for example, you can prepare different cameras on several plates and in a few seconds you can switch from model to model and quickly change from the stand to freehand photography mode at the same time.

Long exposure & panorama photographs with a travel stand

With a City Traveler travel stand very long exposure times are possible without adverse effects on image definition. Starting from an exposure time of 1/60 seconds freehand mode is no longer possible. In the case of photographs of flowing water with a velvety smooth effect or long exposure in sunshine the use of a neutral density filter (ND filter) is extremely impressive.

However, CPL filters make particularly high-contrast and impressive landscape photographs possible, by filtering polarized light and intensifying basic colours in the process. They intensify the green of grasses and trees, for example, by swallowing reflected blue light from the sky. In addition, they make pictures that are free from reflections and mirror images possible. They filter reflections and mirror images of non-metallic surfaces such as glass or plastic.

Therefore it is ideally suitable for travel photography on city tours. Thanks to the panorama function, the ball-shaped head included in the scope of delivery facilitates particularly beautiful photographs of the landscape & environment of your travel destination - from all angles of rotation and inclination.

Advantages of the City Traveler XL as a travel stand


  • Very light (1,115 g dead weight and a small packed size of 42 cm)
  • Thus it has hardly any impact on space and weight in your flight baggage
  • Can be carried comfortably in your rucksack
  • Ball-shaped head, quick release plate & stand bag included
  • In approx. 10 seconds it can be assembled or disassembled - thanks to the twist lock mechanism
  • A reversible, divisible central column for micro and macro photography
  • A ball-shaped head incl. Panorama function
  • A camera can be mounted quickly via a quick release plate
  • The ball-shaped head facilitates adjustment to all conceivable angles of rotation and inclination
  • Enables longer exposure times without the loss of image definition
  • Suitable for DSLM and DSLR cameras

Our City Traveler XL stand offers the perfect symbiosis of professional equipment and maximum mobility as well as optimal user friendliness – even for amateur photographers on trips. You can buy Rollei’s City Traveler XL Travel Stand in green from 249,99 Euro.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
Tripod, ball head, quick release plate, tripod bag, manual
Max. Height (mm):
Packing size (mm):
Max. Load (g):
Quick-release plate:
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Weight (g):
Tripod head:
Pan, lock and tilt
Height (mm):
Base width (mm):
Weight (g):
Max. Load (g):
Tripod leg diameter (mm):
25, 22, 19, 16 mm
Tripod leg segments (pieces):
Max. Height (mm):
Max. Working height with centre column retracted (mm):
Min. height (mm):
Length of centre column (mm):
Centre column divisible:
Pack size (mm):
Max. Load (g):
Weight without tripod head (g):
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