Rollei Dark CPL ND1000 52mm Extremium

  • Gorilla®* Glas: extremely robust and durable - high
    translucency - no optical distortion
  • Titanium Ring: ideal for the outdoor use - resists huge
    variation in temperature - dimensionally stable
  • Luminance Coating: highest colour fidelity - low
    reflections - scratch-resistant
  • Engineered & Quality Controlled In Germany: strict
    technical guidelines - individual quality control in
    Germany - special measuring procedure
  • ND filter is the abbreviation for neutral density
    filter. The ND filter is used to achieve a uniformly
    moderate darkening of the image. In addition, it gives
    the image a uniformly neutral grey colour so that the
    colour rendition cannot be altered.
  • An ND filter makes the subject darker by several guide
    values thus preventing over-exposed images.
  • Frequent applications for ND filters include taking
    shots with blur effects or of running water under
    daylight conditions.
  • ND filters are used with various degrees of darkening,
    depending on the prevailing light conditions for the
    desired aperture and exposure time.
  • In combination with the integrated polarizing filter
    – also known as polarizing filter or CPL – the
    additional effects can be achieved: Polarizing filters
    produce particularly intense colours in blue skies and
    in the plant world.
  • Polarizing filters suppress unwanted reflections on
    non-metallic surfaces and enable the viewer of the
    picture to see through reflective glass and reflective
    water surfaces.
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Polarisation and ND filters are gladly used together by landscape, architectural and city photographers in order to exploit and combine the advantages of both categories in the best possible way. The new Rollei Extremium Dark CPL ND filters relieve you of the obligation of constantly connecting and disconnecting ND and polarising screw-in filters.

ND1000 – 10 aperture stops darker for fascinating long exposures

There is already enormous darkening potential contained in the Rollei Extremium Dark CPL ND1000 Filter. The ND1000 filter glass only allows 0.1 percent of the light through, can guarantee mystical blurring effects even in broad daylight and transforms very stormy water surfaces into completely smooth, uniform planes. In architectural photography, only completely static image components remain and you can accurately detect the precise trajectories of the stars in the cloudless night sky.

Adjustment of polarisation on the professional level

Rotate the CPL titanium filter ring and you have an angle range of exactly 90 degrees available in order to continuously vary mirror images and reflections on water or glass surfaces or to intensify the saturation of blue and green components in the sky and in nature entirely as you wish. The overall contrast in the picture is also pleasantly intensified. The range of effects of a professional polarising filter cannot yet be satisfactorily simulated by digital means completely as some parts of the image only become visible for the first time.

Gorilla Glass®*, Luminance Coating, Titanium Ring, Engineered & Quality Controlled in Germany

The 2-in-1 functionality of the new Rollei Extremium Dark CPL ND1000 Filter is unrestrictedly available to you even under the most adverse environmental conditions owing to a 4-in-1 quality initiative by Rollei. All optical elements of the professional circular filter are made from the best Gorilla®* glass of the traditional American enterprise, Corning Inc. An ingenious finishing process on a molecular level provides for its legendary ruggedness with high light transmission values and complete freedom from distortion. The Rollei Luminance Coating provides for extreme colour fidelity and the most minor reflections and increases the scratch resistance of the quality glasses even further. The solid titanium ring reactsutterly imperviously to variations in temperature of an arbitrary intensity and thus protects the high-quality glasses against dreaded material stresses. The Engineered & Quality Controlled in Germany quality management programme was developed specifically by Rollei in order to keep all manufacturing parameters at the highest level and to eliminate even minimal tolerance deviations immediately. You benefit from a quality standard that is unmatched in the industry.

Of course, you can select your Rollei Extremium Dark CPL ND Filter to suit the desired lens diameter. The following sizes are available: 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 and 82 mm.

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1x Rollei Extremium Dark CPL Filter
Material Glass:
Gorilla® Glas
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