Rollei Dark CPL ND8 77mm Extremium

  • Gorilla®* Glas: extremely robust and durable - high
    translucency - no optical distortion
  • Titanium Ring: ideal for the outdoor use - resists huge
    variation in temperature - dimensionally stable
  • Luminance Coating: highest colour fidelity - low
    reflections - scratch-resistant
  • Engineered & Quality Controlled In Germany: strict
    technical guidelines - individual quality control in
    Germany - special measuring procedure
  • ND filter is the abbreviation for neutral density
    filter. The ND filter is used to achieve a uniformly
    moderate darkening of the image. In addition, it gives
    the image a uniformly neutral grey colour so that the
    colour rendition cannot be altered.
  • An ND filter makes the subject darker by several guide
    values thus preventing over-exposed images.
  • Frequent applications for ND filters include taking
    shots with blur effects or of running water under
    daylight conditions.
  • ND filters are used with various degrees of darkening,
    depending on the prevailing light conditions for the
    desired aperture and exposure time.
  • In combination with the integrated polarizing filter
    – also known as polarizing filter or CPL – the
    additional effects can be achieved: Polarizing filters
    produce particularly intense colours in blue skies and
    in the plant world.
  • Polarizing filters suppress unwanted reflections on
    non-metallic surfaces and enable the viewer of the
    picture to see through reflective glass and reflective
    water surfaces.
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Filter photographers, who prefer to work with circular filters, are particularly happy to combine ND and CPL/polarising filters. What then could make more sense than to develop a 2-in-1 filter of tried and tested Rollei quality? The new Rollei Extremium Dark CPL ND8 Filter does not only combine the characteristics of high-quality, neutral density and polarization filters but impresses discerning professional photographers due to the now legendary resistance of the Extremium filter range.

A fully fledged ND8 neutral grey filter…

The integrated ND filter has a moderate ND strength (3 stops, 0.9) and with its uniform grey colouring, is eminently suited to darkening the whole subject by three f-stops. Overexposures in very bright surroundings and open apertures can safely be avoided in this way. However, the ND filter also serves to extend the exposure time and opens up the whole creative range of long-term photography to you. Produce popular blurring effects, smooth rough water surfaces or make unwanted people, animals or vehicles simply disappear from landscape photographs.

… perfectly combined with a professional CPL filter…

The polarising filter component in the Extremium Dark CPL Filter assumes the task of continuously removing reflections form non-metallic surfaces as well as intensifying the rich blue of a cloudless sky or the green components of nature. The transparency of water or glass surfaces is further increasedor reduced by turning both polarising filter glasses within the angle range of 90 degrees. Polarising filters also have a very positive effect on the range of contrast in the subject.

… of the best Extremium quality.

The glasses of the innovative, new Extremium Dark CPL ND8 Filter are made from the amazingly resilient Gorilla glass®* from the American specialist company, Corning Inc., which is also used for the screens of premium smartphones. Not only does the extreme sturdiness of the optical glasses have an effect on the very high degree of light transmission but visual distortions are also ruled out. The solid titanium ring of the combination filter ensures that even under extreme variations in temperature, there are no material stresses, which otherwise could adversely affect the valuable glasses. An additional finish with the Luminance Coating developed exclusively by Rolleiguarantees the highest degree of colour fidelity. At the same time, the scratch resistance of the glass surfaces is increased even further. The Rollei Engineered & Quality Controlled in Germany quality strategy guarantees the high-quality processing of all elements and surpasses customary industry standards in the premium sector by far. The Extremium Dark CPL ND8 Filter is available in the 9 most popular lens diameters: 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 72, 77 and 82 mm.

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