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Rollei F:X Pro Centre GND8 Graduated Neutral Density 150mm square filter

  • Centered gradient filters are used to darken the
    brightest area in the center of the image, e.g. at
    sunrises and sunsets
  • Ultra-fine coating ensures razor-sharp images – even
    with 150 MP high-end cameras
  • Exemplary colour fidelity – capturing nature as it is
    seen by the eye
  • Impressively clear images thanks to approx. 99.5
    percent absence of reflection
  • Diamond-like scratch resistance – extremely hard
    surface coating for optimum protection
  • Extremely temperature resistant – tested in scorching
    heat and freezing cold
  • Original Gorilla®* glass – legendary resistance and
    break resistance
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Our Rollei F:X Pro Center GND 8 (3 Stopps/0.9) is a so-called gray gradient filter, which has a tint with a gradient. With gradient filters, the coating usually runs out to a certain side, which is not the case with the Center GND. The word 'center' stands for the fact that the intensity of the tinting (coating) decreases from the center of the filter in both directions of the outer sides and does not end with a hard cut in the center, as for example the Hard GND.

Gray gradient filters (GNDs) are used for subjects in which the brightness conditions have a certain gradient and therefore require different exposure. The classic location for the Center GND is therefore a sunrise or sunset, where the sun can be seen in the middle of the image and the brightness decreases in all directions. The Center GND ideally compensates for this scenario because it only darkens the brightest part of the image - but the image areas above and below the horizon line are not affected. In this way, magical image compositions become possible.

Our Center GND 8 is available in the sizes 100 and 150 millimeters and with a density of 0.9 (3 stops).

Exemplary color fidelity with extremely fine coating

Our GNDs are coated with a special luminance coating. This means that the filters are 99.5 percent reflection-free. In this way, even with high-resolution 150 MP cameras, no errors can be detected in the image. With our neutral grey coating, you can photograph your motifs exactly as the human eye sees them.

Our filters are made of Gorilla® glass. It is extremely resistant, but at the same time translucent and colour-neutral. Its anti-scratch coating protects the filter glass against mechanical influences and ensures that even dirt such as mud, water and grease can be easily removed. Heat and cold are of course no problem either, which we tested at 40 degrees Celsius in the desert and 5 degrees below zero in the mountains. To put it in a nutshell: We have never built better filters before.

*Note: Gorilla Glas® is a registered word mark of Corning and is used by us for our filters - all rights to the name belong to Corning.

Technical data
Material Glass:
Gorilla® Glas
150 mm
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