Rollei F:X Pro Long Exposure Set (ND8 | ND64 | ND1000)

  • 3 neutral density filters in the intensity ND8, ND64
    and ND1000 made out of Gorilla®* glass – To extend
    the exposure time for creating flowing and wiping
  • – Combine the ND filters with each other to get an
    even longer exposure time or use them separately –
    Get rid of people or other moving objects on your photo
  • Ultra-fine coating ensures razor-sharp images – even
    with 150 MP high-end cameras
  • Exemplary colour fidelity – capturing nature as it is
    seen by the eye
  • Impressively clear images thanks to approx. 99.5
    percent absence of reflection
  • Diamond-like scratch resistance – extremely hard
    surface coating for optimum protection
  • Extremely temperature resistant – tested in scorching
    heat and freezing cold
  • Original Gorilla®* glass – legendary resistance and
    break resistance
  • Suitable for long time exposure, landscape, city,
    architecture photography and more
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Our F:X Pro Long Exposure Set contains three ND (Neutral Density) filters of the highest quality, that help you reduce light incidence on your camera sensor. The filters in the set come in a size of 100 x 100 millimeters and are coated with our extremely fine luminance coating. This guarantees you razor-sharp images - even with "high-end" cameras capable of 150 MP. The colour fidelity is exemplary, which means you can capture your surroundings just as the human eye sees them. Our filters are also 99.5 percent reflection-free.

For these purposes you need ND filters:

  • Representation of movements through longer exposure times
  • Removal of moving objects from the image
  • Highlighting the subject by softening the background
  • Increase the size of the aperture - Decrease depth of field

The F:X Pro Long Exposure Set consists of three filters with different intensities:

  • ND 8 (3 Stopps)
  • ND 64 (6 Stopps)
  • ND 1000 (10 Stopps)

A stop means that the amount of light incident on the sensor is reduced by one f-stop at a time. This lets you take pictures with longer exposure times even in sunshine. Moving elements of your image composition can be blurred, which, for example, makes water look silky when you take a picture of a river while larger stones are sharply drawn. Do you want to take a photo of a tourist attraction, but preferably without people seen on the picture? Not a problem with an ND filter either. Because of the long exposure only the immovable architecture remains on the picture.

Depending on how much light the sensor should receive, you can also combine our filters with each other. Also our rectangular filters have a foam closure between the camera and the filter so that there is no light reflex to be seen on your work that does not belong there.

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Rollei F:X Pro ND8 (3 stops, 0.9) 100x100 mm (Item No. 26413) + Rollei F:X Pro ND64 (6 stops, 1.8) 100x100 mm (Item No. 26414) + Rollei F:X Pro ND1000 (10 stops, 3.0) 100x100 mm (Item No. 26415)
100 mm
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