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Rollei F:X Pro Polarising Filter 86mm (CPL) Circular Polarising Filter

  • Made out of Gorilla®* glass:
  • Reduces light reflections from non-metallic surfaces
  • Intensifies the colours and increases the contrast
  • Ideal for landscape and architecture photography
  • Needs to be screwed into the base ring of the 100 mm
  • Note: this filter can not be screwed directly onto your
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For our F:X Pro series we have also refined the round CPL filter (Circular Polarizer), which is designed for our rectangular filter holder. This is screwed into the base ring of the filter holder and can therefore be combined with our rectangular filters at the same time. The filter holder system already includes a polarizing filter, but if you need a second one, you can of course buy it in the same quality.

Summary: The CPL filter is used for this purpose.

  • Minimization of reflections in architectural images
  • Minimization of water reflections
  • Intensifying colors

Basically, polarizing filters (CPL filters) are indispensable in landscape photography. They intensify colors and contrasts and minimize reflections on non-metallic surfaces, such as window panes or water surfaces. They also provide higher contrast and better differentiation. At the same time, CPL is also able to intensify reflections, if you wish.

Our CPL filter meets the same requirements as our rectangular filters. It has a luminance coating, offers up to 99.5 percent freedom from reflections and is already ready for the new high-end cameras that take pictures at 150 MP. This guarantees that your photos will always be razor-sharp. Of course, colour neutrality is also guaranteed so that your pictures are not falsified.

Filters made of legendary durable Gorilla® glass

We want you to be able to use our filters for a long time. That's why we make them from Gorilla® glass, which is specially designed to withstand physical impact. In addition, it will score with you because of its high light transmission and colour neutrality. The profile of our filters is rounded off with their special anti-scratch coating, which also makes the glass easy to clean from grease or dirt. Our F:X Pro filters are fully operational even at extreme temperatures. For example in the desert or the Antarctic. In short: they are the best filters we have ever built.

*Note: Gorilla Glas® is a registered word mark of Corning and is used by us for our filters - all rights to the name belong to Corning.

Technical data
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1x spare polarizer filter
100 mm
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