Rollei Filter Set Mark II Set Advanced 100 mm

  • A Soft GND8 made out of Gorilla®* glass: – For
    balancing differences in brightness within one scene
    – Use two Soft GND filters at the same time and
    insert them in opposite directions to darken the sky
    and for example the water surface simultaneously
  • Neutral density filter in the intensity ND1000 made out
    of Gorilla®* glass: – To extend the exposure time
    (flowing and wiping motion) – Get rid of people or
    other moving objects on your photo
  • Reverse graduated filter in the intensity GND8 made out
    of Gorilla®* glass: – Darkest coating part in the
    middle of the filter – Ideally used for sunrise or
  • Combine the different filters with each other according
    to your photo scene
  • Used with the Rollei Pro Square Filter Holder (already
    part of the Universal Starter Kit Pro or available
  • Suitable for landscape, architecture, long exposure,
    city sky light, sunset or sunrise photography
  • Kombinieren Sie die unterschiedlichen Filter
    miteinander je nach Bildmotiv
  • Zum Einsatz mit dem Rollei Profi Rechteckfilter Halter
  • Geeignet für Landschaftsaufnahmen, Architektur,
    Langzeitbelichtungen, City-Skylightaufnahmen, etc.
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With the Rollei Pro Universal Rectangular Filter Starter Kit you already have the perfect basis for the most diverse shooting situations in the broad field of creative filter photography. The advanced rectangular filter set opens even further options to you. You receive three professional 100-mm rectangular filters from the Rollei Mark II series in the following intensities in the set:

Rollei Mark II Professional Soft GND Rectangular Filter

A soft graduated filter in the GND8 strength is already contained in the professional starter kit. Then you can use the second graduated filter “the wrong way round” for example in order to be able to move the two filters continuously against each other. Ideally, in order to be able to darken with particularly fastidious brightness conditions several surfaces at the same time.

Rollei Mark II Professional Soft GND8 Rectangular Filter

The “reversed” graduated filter in the moderate GND8 strength (3 stops, 0.9) has the strongest grey colouring exactly in the centre and is ideally suitable for compensating for an excessively bright subject area when the sun is rising and setting.

Rollei Mark II Professional ND1000 Rectangular Filter

Use the Rollei Mark II Professional ND1000 Rectangular Filter in combination with the grey ND8 and ND64 filters of the Pro Universal Starter Kit in order to compensate for even extremely bright subjects or to be able to achieve very long exposure times. Transform a stormy sea into a mirror-smooth surface and remove people, animals or vehicles from scenes of landscape or architecture.

All Marks of II rectangular filters consist of incredibly sturdy Gorilla®* glass produced by the traditional American company, Corning Inc., which is distinguished by particularly high light permeability. Additionally, these professional filters were sealed with the unique Luminance Coating in order to ensure the highest degree of colour fidelity and the lowest reflection values with the best possible protection against scratches and other impairments of the surface. The rectangular filters are subject to the strict “Engineered & Quality Controlled in Germany” quality guideline that is exclusive to Rollei and exceed all customary production standards in the sector.  The filters fit exactly into the Rollei 100-mm rectangular filter holder, which is included already in the Pro Universal Starter Kit and which, of course, can also be purchased individually.

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Scope of delivery:
Soft GND 8, Reverse GND 8, ND 1000
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