Rollei Filter Set (UV / CPL / ND8) 58mm Extremium

  • Gorilla® Glas: extremely robust and durable - high
    translucency - no optical distortion
  • Luminance Coating: highest colour fidelity - low
    reflections - scratch-resistant
  • Engineered & Quality Controlled In Germany: strict
    technical guidelines - individual quality control in
    Germany - special measuring procedure
  • Titanium Ring: ideal for the outdoor use - resists huge
    variation in temperature - dimensionally stable
  • UV filters are special filters in photography that
    blocks ultraviolet rays
  • A CPL filter (Polarizer) reduces the reflection from
    non-metallic surfaces
  • ND filters make the subject darker by several guide
  • ND-Filter verdunkeln das Motiv um mehrere Lichtwerte
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The new Rollei round filters made of resistant Gorilla*® glass are offered in four practical sets, the composition of which is geared to the specific wishes of our discerning customers. The Extremium Filter Set UV + CPL + ND8 contains three professional round filters which complement each other perfectly and open up a particularly wide range of applications for you:

Extremium UV filter - protection against ultraviolet radiation and damage

The UV filter in the set protects your outdoor shots from the unpleasant effects of UV radiation, which does not only occur in bright sunshine. The colour neutrality and extremely high light transmission of the filter allows you to leave the UV filter permanently on the lens during outdoor shots, while the extremely robust Gorilla Glass*® protects your valuable optics from scratches, damage and dirt.

Extreme CPL filter - play creatively with reflections and increase contrast

With the polarization filter included in the Rollei Extremium Filter Set, you can remove reflections on non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass - or dose them as desired. This effect can be observed directly during recording - and cannot be achieved by subsequent digital image processing. At the same time, the continuously adjustable CPL filter increases the blue and green tones and, if necessary, also enhances the overall contrast.

Extremium ND8 filter - moderate and flexible neutral density filter with 3 stops

Directly combinable with UV and CPL filters, the ND8 filter provides moderate darkening of the overall subject at high brightness - or allows you to experiment creatively with long exposures if you want to smooth rough water surfaces or create the popular wipe effects during motion.

Extremium - extremely resistant, extremely temperature insensitive

The Extremium filter family is characterized by uncompromising processing quality and best materials. The filters are made of Gorilla*® glass, the resistant, translucent and distortion-free special glass from the long-established American company Corning Inc. The filter rings are made of titanium and guarantee absolute insensitivity to extreme and rapid temperature fluctuations. The Luminance coating developed by Rollei further improves the already astonishingly high resistance to mechanical damage and dirt. The Rollei initiative "Engineered & Quality Controlled in Germany" sets new quality standards in professional photography. The new Extremium round filter set is available in 10 diameters (40.5, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 and 82mm) and is supplied with front and rear aluminium lids so that you can stow and transport the complete set like a small can in a space-saving and protected way.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
1x UV, CPL and ND8 (0.9/3 stops) filter each, incl. Aluminum protective cover for top and bottom of filter
Material Glass:
Gorilla® Glas
Product line:
ND strength:
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