Rollei Gradient Filter Set for 150-mm lenses

  • Medium graduated filter with 3 stops of light reduction
    made out of Gorilla®* glass: Combination of hard GND
    and soft GND filter – Ideally used for shots of
    mountains and horizons with protruding elements
  • Reverse graduated filter with 3 stops of light
    reduction made out of Gorilla®* glass: Darkest coating
    part in the middle of the filter – Ideally used for
    sunrise or sunset
  • Hard graduated filter with 3 stops of light reduction
    made out of Gorilla®* glass: Ideal for uniformly
    divided areas – For straight horizons, clear of
    obstructions or protruding elements
  • Combine the different filters with each other according
    to your photo scene
  • Used with the Rollei Pro Square Filter Holder 150 mm
  • Suitable for landscape, architecture, cityscapes,
    sunset or sunrise photography
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Not only do gradient filters open up numerous creative possibilities, in order to be able to photograph special subjects in a more atmospheric and expressive way. In particular, very challenging lighting conditions cannot be overcome at all or can only be mastered with extreme difficulty without partial darkening of an area of the image. Therefore, landscape, city and architectural photographers gladly use their professional wide and ultra-wide angle lenses with Medium GND, Reverse GND and Hard GND rectangular filters.

Three types of gradients in the broader format for professional wide angle lenses

Fast premium lenses such as the Nikon 14-24-mm, the Canon 14-mm, the Tamron 15-30-mm, the Sigma 20-mm, the Olympus 7-14-mm, the Phase One 28-mm or the Sony 12-24-mm, for example, require substantially broader filter holders and rectangular filters because of their complex construction. The Rollei Gradient Filter Set for 150-mm lenses contains three very versatile, popular professional rectangular filters of the Mark II generation in the moderate 8 strength (3 stops, 0.9), in order to combine the Medium GND, the Reverse GND and the Hard GND as required. The filter height of 170mm allows for its infinitely variable, flexible, vertical positioning in the filter holder. The use of a tripod is strongly recommended for the best possible results. In order to work with longer exposure times, ND filters of varying strengths can also be used. The Medium GND filter combines the advantages of common Hard and Soft GND filters and is eminently suitable for photographing subjects on the horizon in the mountains or similarly contoured landscapes. The Hard GND filter shows its strengths however with very clear, dominant horizon lines and is therefore to be found in the portfolio of city, architectural and skylight photographers. With the Reverse GND filter you capture scenes and situations with significant differences in brightness, which is ideal for sunrise or sunset.

Professional quality for the most challenging shooting conditions

All Rollei professional rectangular filters must be capable of being used even under the harshest environmental conditions without restrictions and also of withstanding reckless treatment without any problem. The lenses consist of the best Gorilla Glass®* from the traditional manufacturer, Corning Inc. from the US Federal State of New York. A special treatment on the molecular level makes the glass durable and resistant to the effects of external pressure and at the same time preserves its impressive light transmission and prevents visual distortions. The Luminance Coating finish developed by Rollei is responsible for scratch resistance, low reflection and colour fidelity. All quality parameters are tested extensively in the course of the "Engineered & Quality Controlled in Germany" QM process and only flawless filters pass these tests, which are far superior to the customary industry standard.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
Medium GND 8, Reverse GND 8, Hard GND 8
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