Rollei HS Freeze 4 Studio Set Single

  • Professional studio flash unit with rechargeable
    battery – ideal for outdoor shootings
  • Optimal entry into portrait photography
  • Easy product photography with easy cap
  • Soft and smooth illumination
  • Colour gel for creative light effect
  • Incl. Pro flash Stand with a working height of up to
    215 cm
  • Parabolic softbox for soft and direct illumination
  • Reflector with 5 different color gels
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With the new Professional HS Freeze 4 Studio Flash Unit Single Kit from Rollei you can completely forego cables - both for the power supply and for remote triggering.So that you can use this new mobility immediately, the HS Freeze Single Kit not only contains the 400 Ws studio flash unit including an exchangeable, rechargeable battery and a reflector with 5 suitable colour foils but also includes the Professional 215-cm Traveler Lamp Tripod as well as a versatile 50-cm parabolic softbox with inner and outer diffusers.This practice-orientated,complete professional set consists of high-quality components, which, due to the sturdy Bowens connection, can be combined with all of the Rollei professional flash accessories and other compatible equipment.

Rollei HS Freeze 4 - high performance, flexibility and compactness

Due to its nice low weight and its very handy dimensions, the HS Freeze 4 enables you to take along a fully-fledged studio flash unit with a professional range of functions even if flight luggage is restricted, for instance. TTL, manual, Easy Cap and delay operating modes, normal, HSS and freeze flash modes and synchronisation on the 1st and 2nd shutter are available to you.With the radio remote control feature, which is available for the most prevalent, professional cameras, you control several HS Freeze 4 or HS Freeze 6 flash heads from a distance of up to 300 metres.When it is fully charged, the exchangeable, rechargeable battery powers flash bursts up to 500 times and of course it is also availableseparately.

Professional 215-cm Traveler Lamp Tripod - stable at any height

Install the HS Freeze 4 above all heads for really phenomenal illumination of your shooting location.In the process, the 215-cm Traveler Lamp Tripod will keep up to 4 kg of heavy photo equipment safe at the desired height both in the studio and in open terrain.With a few movements you can fold the high-quality aluminum tripod up or completely assemble it within a few minutes.Of course, besides the HS Freeze 4, different flash heads or lights also fit on the firmly integrated spigot connection.

Professional 50-cm Parabolic Softbox – atmospheric lighting in accordance with your wishes

The professional softbox in a parabolic shape has a diameter of 50 cm and is eminently suitable for direct, accentuated illumination of subjects.The ideally mutually complementary inner and outer diffusers provide very soft, atmospheric light at any location.

Professional reflector with 5 colour foils

A Bowens-compatible reflector,which can be equipped with 5 high-quality, magnetic colour foils, is included in the standard scope of delivery of the HS Freeze 4.Thus, the HS Freeze 4 can be used as an atmospheric, surprisingly coloured main flash or for creative illumination of the background.Give your creativity free rein and play with different colour options (red, green, yellow, blue and white).

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Rollei HS Freeze 4, incl. Pro reflector with colour gels (Article no. 28050) + Pro Parabol Softbox 50 cm (Article no. 28059) + Pro Flash Stand Traveler 215 cm (Article no. 28023)
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