Rollei Lightbox Mini 24x24cm

  • Ideal for taking pictures of jewelry, watches,
    cosmetics, collectibles such as coins, stamps, etc.
  • Quick and easy assembly and dismantling
  • Sidewalls will be held in an optimal shape by magnetic
  • When folded, it‘s easy to carry
  • Equipped with two bright LED light bars for an optimum
  • A single operation of the LED light bar is possible
  • Stromversorgung über USB-Anschluss
  • Power supply via USB port
  • Including two replaceable backgrounds (white & black)
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Rollei’s Mini Light Tent 24x24 cm has been developed specially for the tiniest and smallest of objects. It was designed with the photographer in mind who is looking for an especially straightforward and rugged solution to illuminate and photograph products, collectors’ items and other objects to ensure that all of the subject’s features are most perfectly set in scene. Anyone who is a regular seller on auction platforms or runs their own webshop naturally appreciates the fact that an appealing product photo is “half the battle”. Collectors and seasoned buyers pay very careful attention to the details – and these require a high-quality lighting setup. Using a light tent also makes it easier to separate the object from its background using Photoshop or a similar program, which is a key requirement for the primary product photo on some marketplaces.

Quick and easy to set up and pack away

The Mini Light Tent 24x24 cm features sturdy walls with integrated magnets, which means it is easy to set up and take down after the shoot. When folded together, the light tent is easy to transport and stow away. To ensure you have the greatest possible flexibility when setting up your shoots, two interchangeable backgrounds in neutral black and white tones are included in the product package. 

High-power, low-energy LED light strips

The neutral, soft light produced by the two high-performance 10 W LED strips ensures all of the object’s details are illuminated at uniform levels of brightness. As the tent consumes very little energy, it can be connected to any USB power source, such as the USB port on your laptop, etc. You really can use the Rollei Mini Light Tent 24x24 cm anywhere even when the only power source you have available is a USB port. The product package naturally comes with a USB cable.

Technical data
Width (mm):
Length (mm):
Height (mm):
Scope of delivery:
Light box with 2 LED light bars, black background, white background, USB cable
Colour temperature:
5600 K
5 V
Light output LED:
2x 3 W
Current consumption:
2 x 500 mA (1 A)
2 x 2700 lm (5400 lm)
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