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Rollei Lion Rock 20 Mark II Carbon Tripod incl. Ball Head Lion Rock 20

  • Professional tripod with high stability and loading
    capacity with Panoramic ball head
  • Extremely high loading capacity (20 kg), made of 100 %
    carbon (11 layers)
  • Integrated spikes – especially designed to secure the
    tripod into the ground by having an angle of 90° to
    the soil which ensures more stability
  • Robust and powerful – at any location, even in the
    sand and saltwater!
  • Foam on all tripod legs
  • Mounting plate with 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch connection
  • Tripod hook to attach a counter weight
  • Incl. center column with a length of 28.5 cm
  • Quick release leg locking system to adjust the leg
    length smoothly
  • Leg angle with three locking positions
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The extremely weather-resistant and surprisingly load-bearing Rollei Lion Rock Mark II carbon tripods are normally delivered without tripod heads in order to give you full flexibility during the customized combination of your equipment.Usually, professional photographers and videographers already possess some different tripod heads for the relevant cameras and tasks.

An enormously resilient combination with 20 kg of load-bearing capacity

However, of course, the Lion Rock tripod heads are perfectly compatible with the Lion Rock Mark II carbon tripods and numerous requests for a bundled offer were a valid reason for assembling three suitable tripod/tripod head combinations and offering them as sets.With the Rollei Lion Rock Mark II Carbon Tripod bundle including a Lion Rock 20 Tripod Head, you receive a perfect basis for being able to focus even heavy cameras includinglenses and filters securely and precisely on the desired subject.The qualities of the two Lion Rock products in detail:

Rollei Lion Rock 20 Mark II Carbon Tripod

The Mark II generation of the exceptionally successful Rollei Lion Rock tripod range combines tried and tested, popular features like the durable foam material reinforcement on all three tripod legs or the watertight, dustproof quick-locking mechanisms for infinitely variable height fixation with a completely newly developed foot design, for which a patent application has been submitted:Specially shaped steel spikes form a precise 90° angle on the outside when the tripod is unfolded and in this way cling meticulously to substrates such as ice, snow, mud or rock.The rubber feet can be put on and taken off with a flick of the wrist and provide for a perfect footing on delicate surfaces.The carbon tripod legs can be left in harsh seawater, in the finest desert sand or freezing cold snow without adversely affecting their stability or operability.

Rollei Lion Rock 20 Tripod Head

The Lion Rock 20 Stand Head carries loads with a weight of up to 20 kg on its sturdy Arca-Swiss compatible quick-change plate without any problem but it weighs only 506 g itself. 4 high-quality, precise spirit levels ensure that you can focus your camera exactlyon the desired subject even in an awkward space or under unfavourable lighting conditions.The scale for panoramic shots, which is legible even under insufficient lighting conditions, is located directly at the foot of the tripod head and completes the unrestricted outdoor suitability of the Lion Rock 20 Tripod Head. The ergonomic locking handle for the solid ball head can be operated superbly even when you are wearing thick gloves.

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