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Rollei Lion Rock 25 Mark II Carbon Tripod incl. Ball Head Lion Rock 25

  • Professional tripod with high stability and loading
    capacity with Panoramic ball head
  • Extremely high loading capacity (25 kg), made of 100 %
    carbon (11 layers)
  • Integrated spikes – especially designed to secure the
    tripod into the ground by having an angle of 90° to
    the soil which ensures more stability
  • Robust and powerful – at any location, even in the
    sand and saltwater!
  • Foam on all tripod legs
  • Mounting plate with 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch connection
  • Tripod hook to attach a counter weight
  • Incl. center column with a length of 37 cm
  • Quick release leg locking system to adjust the leg
    length smoothly
  • Leg angle with three locking positions
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The Mark II generation of the Rollei Lion Rock carbon tripod range that is particularly popular with professional photographers will be offered in the future in its standard version without a tripod head in order to avoid redundancy and to enable the highest flexibility possible. Many photographers and videographers already have a number of video tilt heads, panoramic heads or other tripod fixtures.

Capable of bearing loads of up to 25 kg and extremely impervious to the weather

Nonetheless, the Lion Rock tripod heads are obviously the perfect supplement to the new Lion Rock Mark II carbon outdoor tripods. Due to multiple requests from Rollei customers, three useful tripod/tripod head bundles are available with immediate effect. The Rollei Lion Rock 25 Mark II combination including the Lion Rock 25 Tripod Head represents the professional entrance into the 25-kg payload class. This bundle brings together just 2.591 kg on the scale but supports almost ten times its own deadweight even under the most adverse weather conditions as it is unwaveringly focused on the subject that you desire.

Rollei Lion Rock 25 Mark II Carbon Tripod

11 extremely thin carbon layers were precisely intertwined with one another at the perfect angle to unite the four segments of each tripod leg to create an exceptionally load-bearing, low-vibration column.The practical quick-locking mechanisms have high-quality rubber seals in order to effectively prevent the infiltration of water, dust, sand or dirt.The Rollei Lion Rock 25 Mark II Carbon Tripod also works reliably in tough seawater, in the burning desert heat or in the bitter cold weather of the polar circle, without detracting from its operability or stability.The main innovation of the Mark II generation:the completely newly developed steel feet.These form a perfect 90° angle on the outside edge when they are unfolded and thus guarantee optimal stability and load-bearing capacity on surfaces such as stone, rubble or ice.You protect delicate flooring such as parquet or linoleum with the rubber feet provided.

Rollei Lion Rock 25 Tripod Head

You can fully exploit the enormous load-bearing capacity of the Rollei Lion Rock 25 Mark II Carbon Tripod with the matching Rollei Lion Rock 25 Tripod Head.25 kg of payload rest securely on the fully Swiss Arca-compatible quick-change plate, which is equipped with its own spirit level, and which, due to the preset degree of dampening can also still be tilted and panned with buttery smoothness to focus on the desired subject.The solid aluminium head has 4 water levels (spirit levels) in total and enables the precise vertical and horizontal positioning of your camera even in confined spaces.The bulky locking knob for the sturdy ball head that is precisely milled from aviation-grade aluminum is located above the practical, clearly legible panorama scale.

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