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Rollei Lion Rock 30 Mark II Carbon Tripod incl. Ball Head Lion Rock 25

  • Professional tripod with high stability and loading
    capacity with Panoramic ball head
  • Extremely high loading capacity (30 kg), made of 100 %
    carbon (11 layers)
  • Integrated spikes – especially designed to secure the
    tripod into the ground by having an angle of 90° to
    the soil which ensures more stability
  • Robust and powerful – at any location, even in the
    sand and saltwater!
  • Foam on all tripod legs
  • Mounting plate with 3/8 connection
  • Spirit level and 3/8 inch thread at the tripod shoulder
  • Quick release leg locking system to adjust the leg
    length smoothly
  • Leg angle with three locking positions
  • Scale at the lowest leg section on all three legs
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With this bundle consisting of our Lion Rock 30 Mark II tripod and the associated center column you get a professional tripod equipment. The tripod carries an impressive 30 kilograms payload at a maximum working height of 148.5 centimeters. The integrated mounting plate accommodates a wide variety of tripod heads thanks to the standardized 3/8" connection.

As standard, we offer the series without tripod head - since many photographers are already equipped with tripod heads. However, the Lion Rock 25 tripod head is suitable. The combination of Rollei Lion Rock 30 Mark II including head offers a maximum load capacity of up to 25 kilograms, but with the Rollei Lion Rock 30 Mark II there is still plenty of room for the weighting of the tripod shoulder hook.

Would you like to adjust your professional camera even higher to the subject or vary the working height more flexibly? Then simply exchange the base plate of the Lion Rock 30 Mark II for the centre column - in just a few simple steps you will gain up to 30.5 centimetres in height with an unchanged load capacity of 30 kilos. The centre column can easily be rotated 180 degrees to take pictures of plants, insects or other macro motifs close to the ground - so your camera rests securely upside down and exactly fixed to your desired motif.

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Lion Rock 30 Mark II, Lion Rock Tripod Head 25
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