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Rollei Lion Rock 30 Mark II Carbon Tripod incl. Ball Head Lion Rock 25

  • Professional tripod with high stability and loading
    capacity with Panoramic ball head
  • Extremely high loading capacity (30 kg), made of 100 %
    carbon (11 layers)
  • Integrated spikes – especially designed to secure the
    tripod into the ground by having an angle of 90° to
    the soil which ensures more stability
  • Robust and powerful – at any location, even in the
    sand and saltwater!
  • Foam on all tripod legs
  • Mounting plate with 3/8 connection
  • Spirit level and 3/8 inch thread at the tripod shoulder
  • Quick release leg locking system to adjust the leg
    length smoothly
  • Leg angle with three locking positions
  • Scale at the lowest leg section on all three legs
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With the introduction on the market of the second generation of the successful, multiply distinguished Lion Rock carbon outdoor tripod range the tried and tested product strategy of offering these proven professional models in their standard version without a tripod head was continued. Experience shows that professional photographers and ambitious amateurs in the photography and/or video sector already have various tripod heads for the most diverse areas of application and project assignments.

This professional combination carries equipment weighing up to 25 kg in any weather

However, in order not only to facilitate the greatest possible flexibility in the individual combination of their equipment for discerning Rollei customers but also to provide components that are perfectly coordinated with one another as a practical bundle, three matching combinations of a tripod and a tripod head are available with immediate effect. The Rollei Lion Rock 30 Mark II Carbon Tripod combination including the Lion Rock 25 Tripod Head offers a maximum load-bearing capacity of up to 25 kg but with the Rollei Lion Rock 30 Mark II it still holds considerable reserves in readiness for the weighting of the tripod shoulder hook with additional ballast. This shifts the centre of gravity further downward and significantly improves stability and steadiness even on difficult surfaces.

Rollei Lion Rock 30 Mark II Carbon Tripod

This bundle includes the top model of the Lion Rock Mark II as a tripod component: The Rollei Lion Rock 30 Mark II carries an enormous payload of 30 kg but only weighs less than 2.4 kg itself. All three tripod legs have extremely sturdy soft foam padding. The ergonomic, quick-locking mechanisms are protected with a high-quality rubber seal against penetration by water, dust, sand or the smallest particle of dirt. The name Mark II refers primarily to the completely, newly designed steel feet. With a perfect 90° base bracket, these feet grip on problematic surfaces such as ice, rock or mud and guarantee the best footing in any weather even with full use of the permissible payload. In addition, owing to the protective rubber feet,the Lion Rock 30 Mark II performs well on parquet or other delicate flooring.

Rollei Lion Rock 25 Tripod Head

The Lion Rock 25 Tripod Head was equipped with four precise, sensibly positioned spirit levels, which provide information reliably about the orientation of your camera even in awkward spaces or under unfavourable lighting conditions. You can tilt your heavy photo or video equipment, which weighs up to 25 kg, smoothly in the desired direction of the subject without shaking it owing to the additional pre-set degree of dampening. The compatible quick-change plate provided is Arca-Swiss-compatible of course and like the entire tripod head, was manufactured from high-quality aviation-grade aluminium. Orange-coloured accents emphasise the most important operating elements of the tripod head and the integrated panorama scale has clearly visible, contrasting classifications. The solid locking knob for the ball head can be safely operated with mittens if the weather is freezing cold.

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