Rollei Microfiber Cloth XL

  • For an effective and careful cleaning of photo
    equipment such as crystal (glass) balls, filters,
    lenses, cameras, displays, etc.
  • Removes dust, dirt and fingerprints
  • Cleans lintfree and striation free, leaves no residues
    and does not scratch any surfaces
  • No static charge while cleaning
  • Suitable as transport protection as small items can be
    put inside the bag
  • Easy handling – can be worn as a glove while cleaning
    or the object that needs to be cleaned can be put
    inside the bag
  • Reusable and washable – Do wash it only with liquid
    laundry detergent and without fabric softener at 30°C
    – Can be washed by hand or in the washing machine
  • Made out of high quality, soft and durable material
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Not only the optical surfaces of your valuable camera equipment but also glass photography spheres or high-resolution displays have to be cleaned regularly and particularly carefully. Even the slightest residue from dirt or scratches due to unsuitable materials can impair the function of these objects drastically and substantially reduce their value. These important tasks have been taken over in the meantime by special microfibre cloths, which are extremely absorbent and cause no static charging of the objects.

Large XL-format, refined cut

In addition, the actual challenge when you are cleaning with special microfibre cloths is in the handling. For one thing, you have to keep the items in your hand and prevent them from falling down but you also have to be able to clean them completely in all of their nooks and crannies. The new Rollei XL Microfibre Cloth satisfies this requirement in a very elegant fashion: The cloth is cut like a large-sized pouch. Even larger articles find a safe place in the folded 180 x 200-mm format and can be cleaned comfortably, safely and completely without direct contact with your skin. Alternatively you can also use the microfibre cloth like a mitten without thumbs and clean the particular surface without a break. The cleaning cloth consists of high-quality, extremely soft, sturdy microfibre material and can be washed again and again (by hand and in the washing machine) and reused. Preserve the operability and the value of your precious equipment by using this enormously practical, long-lasting XL microfibre cloth.

Technical data
Width (mm):
Length (mm):
Height (mm):
Scope of delivery:
1x microfiber cloth
Cleaning object:
Crystal ball, Filter, Lenses, Cameras, Displays
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