Rollei ND Filter Set Mark II for long exposure times 150 mm

  • 3 neutral density filters in the intensity ND8, ND64
    and ND1000 made out of Gorilla®* glass
  • To extend the exposure time for creating flowing and
    wiping motion
  • Combine the ND filters with each other to get an even
    longer exposure time or use them separately
  • Get rid of people or other moving objects on your photo
  • Used with the Rollei Pro Square Filter Holder 150 mm
  • Suitable for long time exposure, landscape, city,
    architecture photography and more
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Wide angle and ultra-wide angle lenses of professional quality are gladly used especially by landscape and architectural photographers to be able to cover as large a subject range as possible. However, due to their specific design, these lenses require significantly wider square filters.

A versatile professional square filter set for special lenses

The Rollei Long Exposure Square Filter Set for 150-mm lenses was put together especially for the following professional lenses, which are particularly popular with landscape and architectural photographers: The three filters, which measure 150 x 150-mm in width, are perfectly compatible with Nikon 14 – 24-mm, Canon 14-mm, Tamron 15 – 30-mm, Sigma 20-mm, Olympus 14-mm, Phase One 28-mm and Sony 12 – 24-mm lenses. With the following strengths:  ND8 (3 stops, 0.9), ND64 (6 stops, 1.8) and ND1000 (10 stops, 3.0) you cover the entire bandwidth of creative long exposures, from smoothing rough water surfaces to atmospheric blurring of cloud formations at sunrise or sunset or all the way to the complete elimination of humans, animals and vehicles from architecture, city or nature photographs. Naturally, the filters can be combined with one another and also with all other 150-mm-wide gradient filters to further enhance the effect of the image. The use of a stable tripod is recommended in filter photography.

Three Mark II filters of the usual Rollei professional quality

All three square filters of the long exposure set consist of almost indestructible Gorilla Glass®* made by the American specialist manufacturer, Corning Inc., which sparkles with an extremely high degree of light transmission and completely rules out visual distortions. The high-quality filter glasses are also finished with the Luminance Coating developed exclusively by Rollei, in order to ensure the highest possible degree of colour fidelity with the most minor reflections and to increase scratch resistance even further.  In order to meet the requirements of Rollei customers without restrictions at any time, the filters in this long exposure set must also be subject to the criteria of the Rollei “Engineered and Quality-controlled in Germany” quality assurance strategy. The testing guidelines are unprecedented even in the premium photography segment and guarantee fitness for use even under the most adverse environmental conditions.

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ND 8, ND 64, ND 1000
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