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Rollei Pro Square Filter Mark II 100 mm GND32 (5 Stopps/1,5) Medium Graduated Neutral Density Filter

  • Luminance Coating: Highest colour fidelity - Low
    reflections - Scratch-resistant
  • Engineered & Quality Controlled In Germany: Strict
    technical guidelines - Individual quality control in
    Germany - Special measuring procedure
  • GND filter is the abbreviation for “graduated neutral
    density filter”, also termed grey graduated filter.
  • A grey graduated filter is employed to balance the
    difference in brightness of the horizon.
  • A medium GND filter combines a Hard GND filter with a
    Soft GND filter.
  • In the upper area, this filter has the same effect as a
    ND filter. In the middle area, the gray scale decreases
    downwards evenly to run transparent in the lower part
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Professional photographers always resort to a medium GND filter whenever the differences in exposure in the subject would actually require a hard GND filter, which could affect the hard transition between a neutrally grey-coloured, transparent filter area but could have a disturbing effect on the medium image elements with varying levels.The use of a soft GND filter would not be feasible either, as the soft gradient does not satisfactorily compensate for larger, very bright subject areas.

A medium GND filter combines the advantages of hard and soft GND filters.

The Rollei Professional Mark II Medium GND Rectangular Filter precisely closes the gap between the soft and the hard GND filters, by simply combining their harmonizing characteristics.In the upper third of the filter glass the medium GND filter consists of homogeneous, neutral grey and is available in three intensities (8, 16 and 32).The second third in the middle of the filter exhibits an even, soft gradient to the transparent lower range.Medium GND filters in general are intended for very challenging landscape and architecture shots and for evocative, excitingly illuminated city panoramas, horizons and mountains in particular.Due to its infinitely variable vertical positioning in the filter holder you can react with flexibility to different exposure situations. The Rollei Professional Mark II Medium GND Rectangular Filter is available in widths of both 100 and 150 mm and can be combined with other GND and ND filters with excellent results.

The best optical characteristics and extreme durability

The new Rollei Professional Mark II Medium GND Rectangular Filter is made from the unusually translucent, resistant Gorilla®* glass from the specialist manufacturer, Corning Inc., in the United States of America, which also reliably protects your pictures from optical distortions.The filter glasses are also finished with Luminance Coating, the coating process, which was developed internally by Rollei. The colour neutrality, scratch resistance and freedom from reflection of Rollei professional rectangular filters are setting new standards in the premium photography sector.The available intensities, Medium GND8 (3 stops), Medium GND16 (4 stops) and Medium GND32 (5 stops) cover a large range of possible subjects and lighting scenarios.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
1x Pro Square Filter Mark II
Medium GND32 (5 Stopps/1,5)
Height (mm):
Length (mm):
Width (mm):
Product line:
Rechteckfilter Mark II
100 mm
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