Rollei Pro Octabox 140 cm foldable with Bowens connection Incl. a grid

  • Professional and consistent lighting of objects
  • A soft lighting is achieved by the interaction of the
    inner and outer diffusor
  • Inner silver coating for good light reflection
  • Suitable especially for people photography (portrait)
    => round reflections in the eyes
  • Easily mounted and deconstructed – will be spanned
    like an umbrella
  • Easy to transport and to store
  • Softbox is rotatable by 360°
  • Compatible with flash lights that have a Bowens
  • Incl. a grid for a better control of the light
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Octaboxes are not only suitable for wide-ranging, uniform illumination of still-life subjects and products. The octagonal shape of the softbox appears as an approximately circular light reflection in the eyes of models and provides for a very natural look in this way. The new Rollei 140-cm Professional Octabox produces a very broad luminous surface and can accordingly be positioned more flexibly. In the process the honeycomb (GRID) provided channels the light of the photo lamp or the studio flash in a very characteristic, atmospheric manner and facilitates the exact lighting.

Bowens-compatible and ready for operation in no time at all

You simply open and close the Rollei 140-cm Professional Octabox like a normal umbrella, use the grid, or the diffusers where applicable and can start shooting immediately. The Bowens connection, which is currently very popular in the professional sector, connects the octagonal softbox with the Rollei HS Freeze 4 and HS Freeze 6 studio flash units and all other compatible devices. You can use internal and external diffusers individually or in combination depending on your wishes and the picture concept but you can also simply leave the two elements and the GRID in the bag provided. Its moderate weight of 2,760 g and its compact packed dimensions of 140 x 58 x 18 cm when it is folded up permit you to take the Octabox with you without any problems even for challenging outdoor shoots. 

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Softbox, inner diffusor, outer diffusor, grid
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