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Rollei Profi Studio Flash Reflector Aluminum 70 deg. with Bowens connector

  • For strong illumination of motifs with hard light and
    hard shadows
  • Wide angle illumination for large areas
  • Distinct shadows
  • Inner silver coating provides good light reflection
  • Especially suitable for personal photography (portrait)
    => round reflexes in the eyes
  • Easy to transport
  • Incl. diffuser cloth for softer light and reflection
  • Compatible with flash units that have a Bowens
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Our professional studio flash reflector (70 degrees) is exactly the tool you need to brighten your motifs effectively. The light of the reflector is relatively hard compared to the light of a softbox and provides clearly defined shadows. The silver-coloured inner coating is deliberately highly reflective and the steerable light cone intensifies towards the centre. On the outside of the reflector there is a matt black lacquer finish which prevents unwanted reflections. This enables you to illuminate your products or portraits exactly as you wish.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
Reflector, external diffuser
Abmessungen zusammengeklappt:
21,8 x 35,5 x 35,5 cm
Range of application:
Product / portrait photography
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