Rollei RE:FRESH Kit APS-C Cleaning Kit

  • Large kit for cleaning cameras, filters, lenses,
    smartphones, tablets and displays
  • Sensor swab for professional wet or dry cleaning of the
    camera sensor
  • The lenspen effectively removes fingerprints, grease
    spots and dust on your lens
  • The air blower removes dust and sand
  • Microfiber cloth to clean displays and remove carefully
  • Cleaning swabs to remove dust and dirt on areas that
    are hard to reach
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Current camera models accommodate an enormous diversity of performance and functionality in their cases but also require appropriate care to ensure that they operate flawlessly. When lenses are frequently changed, the extremely sensitive sensor, in particular, is regularly exposed to dust, moisture, sand and other sources of contamination, which can irreversibly impair the final photographic result. However, in addition, all of the precision engineering should be kept free of dirt and humidity and cleaned thoroughly if necessary.

Ideally suitable for your APS C camera

The Rollei APS-C RE:FRESH Kit was developed specifically for the very popular, widely used APS-C image sensors. The two sensor brushes have exactly the same width as the sensor chip, so that you can clean the surface in one go and annoying dirt trails due to a brush of the wrong size are a thing of the past. The set also contains a specially formulated sensor cleaning fluid, which can and must be used very sparingly due to its particular effectiveness. You have a suitable cleaning utensil available for virtually any nook or cranny of your digital camera at your disposal to be able to thoroughly clean and gently take care of not only the case and the sensor but also the lens and operating components.  With the precisely controllable bellows you remove dust and sand from the tightest corners and the large 15 x 15-cm microfibre cloth reliably takes the remaining dirt particles away from the lens and body. Fingerprints, dust, fat or oil marks disappear from the filter glass with a few wipes of the Lenspen. The other side of this practical tool has a fine brush, which also catches microscopically small dust particles in hinge crevices. However, the scope of delivery of your APS-C RE:FRESH Kit also includes 50 lens cleaning cloths, 2 moist cleaning cloths and 8 practical cleaning swabs for swift  interim cleaning when you are traveling or on a break between shoots. There is room for safe storage of the entire kit in the enclosed carrying bag where it is easily accessible.

A flexible cleaning solution for numerous electronic devices

However, the high-quality components of the APS-C RE:FRESH Kit are not just suitable for the all-around revitalization of your camera but smartphones, tablets, screens and desktop and laptop computers will also benefit from a thorough cleaning. Especially corners and gaps that are accessed with difficulty: card slots, keyboards or display screen attract dirt, dust, lint or pet hair virtually magnetically. Free your computers, smartphones and other devices easily and lastingly of the most diverse contaminants with the APS-C RE:FRESH Kit.

Please note: Our sensor cleaning fluids were tested on standard sensor types (full format, APS-C and MFT). Nevertheless, we recommend contacting your camera manufacturer before cleaning sensors in order to confirm compatibility.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
1x air blower, 1x cleaning cloth (15 x 15 cm), 2x sensor swaps for APS-C cameras (16 mm), 1x sensor cleaning liquid (15 ml), 1x lenspen, 1x cleaning brush, 2x wet wipes, 50x lens cleaning cloths, 8x cleaning swabs, 1x bag
Sensor type:
Cleaning object:
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