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  • Rollei Rechargeable Battery for studio flash HS Freeze 6

Rollei Rechargeable Battery for studio flash HS Freeze 6

  • Up to 500 flashes when fully loaded
  • Use the flash without any cables – ideal for the
    outdoor use
  • Incl. indicator of battery power
  • Battery can be easily inserted into the flash
  • Only suitable for studio flash Rollei HS Freeze 6
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The new Rollei Professional HS Freeze 6 Studio Flash Unit enables you to use studio quality flash power at any desired location.The high-performance, durable 14.8-volt lithium polymer rechargeable battery with its enormous capacity of 6000 mAh for the HS Freeze 6 can be flashed powerfully up to 500 times.Of course, professionals always have at least one replacement rechargeable battery with them.

A second or third rechargeable battery is always available

Experienced photographers know that they always have to expect surprises when they are shooting outdoors. They put their equipment together appropriately to include back-up and wide-ranging components.For complex shoots with one or more Rollei Professional HS Freeze 6 Studio Flash Units, you are on the safe side if you have additional, fully charged, rechargeable batteries.

Use a rechargeable battery while you are simultaneously charging another one

With the car battery charger, which is sold separately, you even have the option of fully recharging used batteries on your way to your next shoot.Step out of your car at the second or third location with fully recharged batteries and use the entire capacity of these mains-independent power sources at the recording site of your choice.The high-quality, spare rechargeable battery for the HS Freeze 6 needs only 3-amp charging current.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
1 rechargeable lithium polymer battery (14,8V | 6000 mAh)
Suitable for:
Rollei HS Freeze 6
Flash triggers:
Up to 500
Battery type:
Lithium polymer battery
Charging voltage:
Max. charge:
Discharge current:
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