Rollei Square Filter Starter Kit Pro Universal for 100 mm

  • Soft graduated filter in the intensity GND8 made out of
    Gorilla®* glass: For balancing differences in
    brightness within one scene, such as sky and soil
  • 2 neutral density filters in the intensity ND8 and ND64
    made out of Gorilla®* glass: To extend the exposure
    time for creating flowing and wiping motion – Combine
    two filters with each other to get an even longer
    exposure time or use them separately
  • Incl. CPL filter made out of Gorilla®* glass to
    intensify colours and reduce reflections
  • Aluminum filter holder for up to 3 square filters
  • Easy mounting of the holder thanks to the Easy Lock
  • Suitable for lenses with threads of 52, 55, 58, 62, 67,
    72, 77 and 82 mm
  • Suitable for landscape, architecture, long exposure and
    city sky light photography
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You are best prepared for almost any shoot using filters with the Rollei Pro Universal Rectangular Filter Starter Kit The three slide-in modules of the professional filter holder made from aviation-grade aluminium can equip you immediately with the perfectly co-ordinated selection of filters. A high quality polarising filter made from Gorilla®* glass is also contained in the set. You will receive the original Rollei products set out below:

Rollei Professional 100-mm Filter Holder, including a polarising filter and 7 lens adaptors

The professional rectangle filter holder has three slots for compatible 100-mm rectangular filters. The polarising filter provided, which is made from almost indestructible Gorilla®* glass, is mounted securely in the basis ring and free of scattered light in the optical axis. It reliably reduces reflections and mirroring effects and facilitates intensification of the image colours right when the shot is being taken. The practical easy-lock system ensures that the filter holder can be fastened to the basis ring or removed again with a flick of the wrist. Time-consuming screwing and unscrewing in the event of changing shooting conditions is no longer needed. Adaptors are attached already to the 7 most widely used lens diameters (52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72 and 77 mm).  

Rollei Mark II Professional 100-mm Soft GND8 Rectangular Filter

Use the moderate graduated filter with an intensity of 8 (3 stops, 0.9) in order to adjust differences of brightness in the subject as desired. The filter lens made from Gorilla®* glass is incredibly resistant but it lets the light through almost unhindered and reliably prevents distortions. In addition, we had the glass sealed with the Luminance Coating, which was developed specially in order to guarantee the highest possible colour fidelity and to exclude reflections almost completely.

Rollei Mark II Professional 100-mm Soft ND8 and ND64 Rectangular Filters

When they are used individually or in combination with each other, these two professional rectangular filters made from Gorilla®* glass cover an enormous range of possible shooting situations. From the gentle “removal” of humans, animals and vehicles from architecture shots or city panoramas via the conscious representation of wiping and flowing movements all the way to the complete smoothing of rough water surfaces, all options are open to you with these high-quality rectangular filters. Just like the filter holder and the soft GND8 filter the two grey filters are also subject to our unique “Engineered & Quality Controlled in Germany” quality guideline, which clearly eclipses all customary requirements in the sector.

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Rollei Pro Filter Holder Set, Soft GND 8, ND 8, ND 64
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