Rollei Tornado Bellows

  • For professional cleaning of camera, lens, filter
  • Flexible cleaning due to two exchangeable nozzles
  • Integrated dust filter prevents dust from blowing out
    during the cleaning process
  • Removes dust particles without touching the surface
  • Precise cleaning possible due to precise control of the
  • Extra long and soft nozzle especially for sensor
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Special camera bellows have been used by photo professionals and demanding amateur photographers for decades for the careful and gentle cleaning of their valuable and highly sensitive equipment. The finely adjustable air flow is very well suited to remove even the smallest dust particles from normally inaccessible corners of a camera housing or directly and contact-free from the image sensor. The Rollei Tornado now represents the logical further development of this useful and popular tool.

Two gentle interchangeable nozzles and a thorough filter system

The Rollei Tornado has a very handy and finely adjustable air reservoir which, thanks to its size, allows uninterrupted blowing out of even large dust accumulations. The Rollei Tornado comes with an extra-long interchangeable nozzle made of soft and flexible rubber to completely clean every corner of the camera body - and also the particularly sensitive sensor - without contact. Furthermore, the newly developed photo bellows has a simple but highly effective filter system so that particles and pollution of the ambient air cannot penetrate the housing again with the next blow-out or contaminate the pre-cleaned surface again. In addition to the two soft interchangeable nozzles, 5 replacement filters are included so that you can always use the full filter effect even on longer photo safaris.

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Technical data
Scope of delivery:
1x air blower, 1x short nozzle, 1x long nozzle, 5x filter
Cleaning object:
Camera, lens, filter
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