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Rollei Wired Remote Release for Olympus

  • Easy handling
  • Easy-to-read LCD with backlight
  • Timer remote control for: starting time (start of
    shooting), exposure time, intervall timer up to 100
    hours in advance
  • Adjustable exposure time between 1 second up to 100
  • Manually controlled exposure with time indication on
    the LCD
  • Exposure control with additional sound signal
  • Continuous shooting: 1 up to 399 photos
  • Time interval recording with endless shots
  • Incl. batteries
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Professional photographers gladly resort to variously programmable remote releases for filter photography and well-thought-out long exposure shots. The integrated functional range of even the top-of-the-line models of the respective camera manufacturers usually cannot cover all possible creative ideas. In addition, annoying vibrations, which can have negative effects on the final photographic result, are caused by the release directly on the camera housing. Here also time-delayed exposure doesn’t reduce all remaining vibrations in cases of doubt.

Vibration-free and almost unlimited

The extensive possibilities, which are opened up by the new Rollei Wireless Remote Release for Olympus, are stunning even for experienced professionals: On the display screen, which is easy to read even in the deepest darkness, you set exposure times ranging from 1 second to 100 hours and can program in intervals of up to 100 hours and create picture series comprising from 1 to 399 shots. Apart from the firmly adjustable values, of course, the wired remote release facilitates manual long exposure with constant specification of the time. Acoustic audio signals facilitate exposure control for you in addition.

Can be used with numerous Olympus models

The long list of the compatible Olympus models also contains rather less common versions, two adaptor cables are already included in the scope of delivery in order to connect the durable, 120-cm-long cable to your Olympus camera. The detailed operating instructions inform you about the numerous functions. Owing to the AAA batteries provided, you can start immediately and use your new Rollei Wired Remote Release for Olympus to carry out your creative filter or long exposure photography.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
Rollei Cable Release, adapter cable, AAA batteries, user manual
Remote release type:
Kabellänge bei Kabelfernauslöser:
Number of connection cables:
Compatible camera models:
E-M10, E-M10 Mark II, E-M5, E-M5 Mark II, E-M1, PEN-F, E-P5, EP-L5, EP-L6, EP-L7, EP-L8, E5, E1, E-20P, E-10, E100 Serie, C-8080W, E3, E20, E20N, E330, E500, C5060, C2500L, E-620, E-30, E-PM, E-PL Series, E-510, E-P1, E-410, SP-560UZ, SP-810UZ, XZ-1, EP-2, EP-1, E600, E550, E520, E510, E450, E420, E410, E400, SP-590UZ, SP-570UZ, SP-565UZ, SP-560UZ, SP-550UZ, SP-510UZ, STYLUS SH-1, STYLUS 1, XZ-1
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