Studio Flash HS Freeze 4s with Battery

  • Now even faster: Recycling time up to 0.9 seconds with
    maximum performance
  • Maximum output of 400 watt seconds
  • Powerful battery: 500 trips at full power
  • Suitable for outdoor use: protected from water spray,
    dust and sand *
  • Flash modes: TTL & Manual, HSS & Freeze
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Our HS Freeze 4s studio flash will give you a whole new feeling of photography. No matter if you want to use it in the studio or outside. This mobility comes with a strong lithium polymer battery that lets you fire up to 500 times at full power.

What also benefits you on the go is the fact that our HS Freeze 4s is protected from dust and water spray. This allows you to work with powder during studio shoots, for example, and pack up peacefully when it starts raining.

As its name suggests, it is also capable of high-speed sync (HSS) and freeze. But also a manual mode, where you have full control over your exposure, as well as TTL are possible. For example, TTL is suitable for situations that change quickly. The exposure is adjusted automatically. So there are no limits to your creativity when it comes to photography. The power of the flash: 400 watt seconds (Ws), with a flash sequence time of between 0.2 and 0.9 seconds, depending on the strength of the flash. This means that even at full power, the flash is charged in less than a second for the next flash. However, because you often don't need full power, the flash is often ready for the next firing in less than 0.9 seconds.

The flash also has a bayonet connector to which you can connect your Bowens compatible light shapers. Rollei still uses this connector so that you, as our customer, will be able to use your Rollei light shapers and those from other brands in the future.

Together with the flash head you will also receive a reflector with magnetic colour foils, a rechargeable battery and the associated charger. Also included are a bag and a USB cable.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
Studio flash incl. flash tube, protective glass and cover, battery, charging cable, reflector, magnet colour foils, sync cable, USB-C cable, bag, operating instructions
Flash charging time:
Approx. 0,9 seconds
Output control:
9 stops (in 0,1F oder 1,0F increments)
Flash output:
400 WS
Burning time:
Normal: 1/800s - 1/8000s | Freeze: 1/800s - 1/19000s
Guide number:
66 (with ISO 100)
Power supply:
Exchangeable and rechargeable lithium ion Battery (14,8V/4Ah)
0 - 15
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J
Flash triggers:
Up to 500 (if battery is fully charged)
Modelling light:
15 W LED
Sync (3,5 mm) | USB (for firmware updates)
Infrared sensor:
Integrated (IR slave funktion)
Radio range:
Up to 300 meters (built-in radio receiver)
Display Type:
Multifunctional LCD
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