Rollei City Traveler Tripod Titanium

  • Super light Carbon tripod with a total weight of 799 g
    and a max. height of 130,5 cm
  • Folded length 38 cm – put it into a backpack and off
    you go!
  • Dynamic and perfectly processed lightweight design
  • Set up within 9 seconds thanks to the twist lock
  • Incl. ball head with panoramic function
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet grant sharp and
    vibration-free pictures
  • Reversible center column for macro shots
  • Hook at the bottom of the center column to attach a
    counterweight for more stability
  • Compact travelling tripod for travel photography and
    city trips
  • Available in 3 colours: orange, green and titanium
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The perfect holiday trip is rich in experiences, relaxed and of elegant ease.Also we’re happy to see spontaneity, as well as traveling light without too much ballast.

The design of our City Traveler Travel Stand made of carbon is therefore distinctive precisely due to the following characteristics:

  • ease of transport
  • flexibility in use and  spontaneity
  • quick assembly

Our compact, high-quality styled carbon travel stands for compact cameras & system cameras (DSLM), action cameras & 360-degree cameras (for a particularly impressive fully spherical 2 x 360 degrees of panoramas) with a dead weight of 799 g incl. aball-shaped head and a small packed size of 39 cm can be carried in practically any rucksack without any great exertion.In addition, they do not greatly affect the weight of or the room in your baggage or travel bag.It is said that a good travel stand should not weigh any more than 1.5 kilos and that its packed size should be no larger than 50 cm.We undercut both values by far - but with the highest level of quality workmanship and operability.

The small, flexible and dynamic camera travel stand was manufactured in the ultra-light carbon design, which guarantees both stability and longevity as well as the ability to travel light.We supply this variant in orange, with a maximum working height of 130.5 cm and thus a wonderful perspective for travel and landscape photography, as well as for architectural photographs and portraits. Owing to the ball-shaped head included these shots can be carried out from all conceivable angles of rotation and inclination as well as with the panorama function.

Why buy a travel stand for travel and landscape photography?

As a photographer you soon learn that that the camera is often only half the battle.Especially for photographs with long-term exposure and ND Filters or CPL Filters, for panorama shots, or with the use of a 360-degree camera for fully spherical (2 x 360-degree) panorama pictures & videos, more than a steady hand is required in order to obtain vibration-free and thus optimally sharp photographic results.And that is of particularly high importance in the case of holiday memories and special experiences.Frequently you can’t continue to keep even such a trained hand still for as little as split seconds longer.And also vibrations with 360-degree camera photographs & panorama are unpleasant.Therefore a travel stand from our City Traveler series, which not only meets the weight and packed size requirements of a travel photographer but also those with respect to functionality and stability, is recommended. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer.A good, compact travel stand thrives on precisely these kinds of ideas.

Dynamic functionality & durable stability - City Traveler stands

Also, thanks to the twist lock/quick release mechanism, the legs of the tripod made from carbon are pulled out in approx.  9 seconds and the stand is assembled.Thus, if you would like to take a shot of something on the spur of the moment, which requires a fast response time, such as fast moving objects or animals, the stand is ready for operation in seconds.The camera, which is attached separately in advance to a quick release plate, which then only has to be mounted on the stand, is also ready for action in no time.In addition you can prepare different cameras on several quick release plates and change them in seconds from an action camera to a DSLM camera, for example, and simultaneously switch with the camera within a short time from using the stand to taking shots by hand (and the other way round).

In this way, these pictures & videos remain vibration-free and sharp in spite of their off-the-cuff nature.   The non-skid rubber feet also ensure that that is the case.At the same time, long exposure photography, which guarantees vibration-free shots without the loss of image definition, is simplified with a travel stand even with a very long exposure time.That can be exciting in the case of city photography and architectural shots, for example, if you don’t want to include people and cars in the shots.This becomes impossible to do by hand after a few seconds of exposure time.The picture becomes indistinct.Here, as well, the Rollei carbon stand of the City Traveler series adopts effective countermeasures.

Long exposure & panorama photographs with a travel stand

With a City Traveler travel stand very long exposure times are possible, without adverse effects on image definition.In the case of photographs of flowing water with a velvety smooth effect or long exposure in sunshine the use of a neutral density filter (ND filter) is extremely impressive.

However, CPL filters make particularly high-contrast and impressive landscape photographs possible, by filtering polarized light and intensifying basic colours in the process.They intensify the green of grasses and trees, for example, by swallowing reflected blue light from the sky.In addition, they make pictures that are free from reflections and mirror images possible.They filter reflections and mirror images of non-metallic surfaces such as glass or plastic.

Therefore it is ideally suitable for travel photography on city tours.Thanks to the panorama function, the ball-shaped head included in the scope of delivery facilitates particularly beautiful photographs of the landscape & environment of your travel destination - from all angles of rotation and inclination.

Advantages of the City Traveler as a travel stand


  • Very light (799 g dead weight and a small packed size of 39 cm)
  • Thus it has hardly any impact on space and weight in your flight baggage
  • Can be carried comfortably in your rucksack
  • Ball-shaped head, quick release plate & stand bag included
  • In approx.9 seconds it can be assembled or disassembled - thanks to the twist lock mechanism
  • A reversible central column for micro and macro photography
  • A ball-shaped head incl.  Panorama function
  • A camera can be mounted quickly via a quick release plate
  • The ball-shaped head facilitates adjustment to all conceivable angles of rotation and inclination
  • Suitable for DSLM cameras, action cameras and 360-degree cameras

Our City Traveler offers the perfect symbiosis of professional equipment and maximum mobility as well as optimal user friendliness – even for amateur photographers on trips.

Travel stand for 360-degree camera

With a 360-degree camera you can create fully spherical panorama shots and capture all horizontal and vertical angles (2 x 360 degrees) of a subject.With our 360-degree cameras you can also stream these photographs directly via Wi-Fi on Facebook & YouTube or upload them later.Whilst viewing these panorama videos & pictures, you can look around in them freely with a mouse-click or swipe to see what makes holiday memories particularly lively and individual.Of course, this experience becomes particularly impressive with VR glasses, with which you can look around freely in all directions in all of your holiday or outdoor shots as if you were still directly on site.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
Tripod, ball head, quick release plate, tripod bag, manual
Weight without tripod head (g):
Max. Working height with centre column retracted (mm):
Max. Height (mm):
Min. height (mm):
Pack size (mm):
Max. Load (g):
Tripod leg segments (pieces):
Tripod leg diameter (mm):
22, 19, 16, 13 mm
Length of centre column (mm):
Pan, lock and tilt
Height (mm):
Base width (mm):
Weight (g):
Max. Load (g):
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Weight (g):
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