Rollei Dark CPL ND64 49mm Extremium

  • Gorilla®* Glas: extremely robust and durable - high
    translucency - no optical distortion
  • Titanium Ring: ideal for the outdoor use - resists huge
    variation in temperature - dimensionally stable
  • Luminance Coating: highest colour fidelity - low
    reflections - scratch-resistant
  • Engineered & Quality Controlled In Germany: strict
    technical guidelines - individual quality control in
    Germany - special measuring procedure
  • ND filter is the abbreviation for neutral density
    filter. The ND filter is used to achieve a uniformly
    moderate darkening of the image. In addition, it gives
    the image a uniformly neutral grey colour so that the
    colour rendition cannot be altered.
  • An ND filter makes the subject darker by several guide
    values thus preventing over-exposed images.
  • Frequent applications for ND filters include taking
    shots with blur effects or of running water under
    daylight conditions.
  • ND filters are used with various degrees of darkening,
    depending on the prevailing light conditions for the
    desired aperture and exposure time.
  • In combination with the integrated polarizing filter
    – also known as polarizing filter or CPL – the
    additional effects can be achieved: Polarizing filters
    produce particularly intense colours in blue skies and
    in the plant world.
  • Polarizing filters suppress unwanted reflections on
    non-metallic surfaces and enable the viewer of the
    picture to see through reflective glass and reflective
    water surfaces.
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Among the classic circular filters, the CPL/Polarisation filter is one of the accessory parts that should not be missing from any photography equipment that is to be taken seriously. Landscape and architectural photographers are happy to use polarising filters in a sensible manner together with neutral density filters as well. This popularity led to the development of a combined ND-polarisation filter – the Rollei Extremium Dark CPL ND Filter, here in the ND64 strength (6 stops, 1.8). Reduce your photography luggage and the number of screw-on filters on your lens without foregoing the special characteristics of both filter types and the special Rollei quality.

Effective reduction of subject brightness

The integrated ND filter possesses a completely even grey tone in the ND64 strength level, which can also reliably prevent annoying incidences of overexposure. The density of 6 stops or aperture increments also ensures that the necessary exposure time is extended considerably in daylight, produces very soft blurring effects and transforms stormy seas into smooth, milky glass surfaces. Landscape and city photographers use the ND64 strength in order to liberate buildings, monuments and other structures from all of the dynamics when the shutter is open for a long time.

Infinitely variable adjustment of transparency and colour saturation

The polarisation filter in the Rollei Extremium Dark CPL ND Filter spectacularly intensifies the blue of the sky or the green of leaves directly while the photograph is being taken and pleasantly strengthens subject contrasts. You can transform reflective water or glass areas into completely transparent surfaces by smooth rotation in the 90-degree range. The creative options of a high-quality polarising filter can only be achieved to an inadequate extent with the subsequent use of high-end image processing programmes.

Rollei Extremium quality

The enormous applicable range of the Rollei Extremium Dark CPL ND64 Filter is based on four factors: The optical surfaces consist completely of the sturdy, impervious Gorilla glass®* of the renowned specialist manufacturer, Corning Inc. Its high degree of light transmission and absolute freedom from distortion also benefit from the careful finish of the Luminance Coating, a finishing method that was developed by Rollei itself, which guarantees the best colour fidelity, minimises reflections and guarantees scratch resistance that is already legendary. The solid titanium ring has absolutely no reaction to extreme variations in temperature, can be screwed onto the lens in both blistering heat and freezing cold without a problem and protects the lenses from harmful material stresses. The high quality of all individual parts and stages of production is guaranteed by the Rollei Engineered & Quality Controlled in Germany QM initiative, which has successfully set new standards in the premium photography sector. The Rollei Extremium Dark CPL ND64 Filter is available in nine lens diameters: 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 and 82 mm.

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Gorilla® Glas
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