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Rollei F:X Pro Reverse GND8 Graduated Neutral Density 150mm square filter

  • Reverse graduated filters are used at sunrises and
  • Ultra-fine coating ensures razor-sharp images – even
    with 150 MP high-end cameras
  • Exemplary colour fidelity – capturing nature as it is
    seen by the eye
  • Impressively clear images thanks to approx. 99.5
    percent absence of reflection
  • Diamond-like scratch resistance – extremely hard
    surface coating for optimum protection
  • Extremely temperature resistant – tested in scorching
    heat and freezing cold
  • Original Gorilla®* glass – legendary resistance and
    break resistance
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The Rollei F:X Pro Reverse GND 8 (3 stops/0.9) is a gray gradient filter. GND stands for graduated neutral density, which describes a filter with a transition from coating to transparency. These filters are partially coated in neutral gray, which compensates for differences in brightness in the image. Normally the coating of GND filters would run out to one side. Reverse, however, means that the course of the coating is reversed. This means that the coating in the middle of the filter is particularly strong and soft on one side of the filter - but very hard on the other side.

The Reverse GND can be used for these motifs:

  • Sunrise and sunset
  • beach motives
  • Motives with horizon, with a lot of brightness in the middle

GNDs are used (unlike normal ND filters) for subjects in which the brightness conditions have a certain gradient and therefore require a different exposure for a uniformly exposed image. The ideal location for a Reverse GND would be, for example, an image in which the sun can be seen and where clear lines dominate the image.

Our Reverse GND 8 is available in the sizes 100 and 150 millimeters and has a density of 0.9 and 3 stops. A stop means that the amount of light incidence on the sensor is reduced by one f-stop at a time.

Exemplary color fidelity with extremely fine coating

Are you looking for reflection-free filters? Then you have found them at Rollei. Our F:X Pro filters are 99.5 percent free of unwanted light reflections.

We have developed the quality management procedure "Engineered and Quality Controlled in Germany" so that we can permanently exclude these errors from our new professional filters. This procedure does not only take effect during the final quality control, but already begins in the development phase: Rollei's specifications are the sole basis for all subsequent production steps and are determined exclusively by our experts. Backward-looking reductions in our requirements are excluded.

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