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  • Rollei HS Freeze 6 Professional studio flash unit with rechargeable battery

Rollei HS Freeze 6 Professional studio flash unit with rechargeable battery

  • Can be used in a studio or in outdoor use
  • Battery-operated studio flash for high mobility – no
    cable necessary for power supply
  • Protected against spraying water, sand and dust
  • Low recycle time– below 2 seconds but with extreme
    high flash power up to 600 watt-seconds (Ws)
  • TTL and manual mode
  • High Speed Sync up to 1/8000 second
  • Freeze mode up to 1/19000 second
  • Synchronization on the front and rear curtain
  • Control via radio transmitter, radio transmitter
    supported by App (can be downloaded for free)
  • Easy to transport in the bag
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The different flash device categories have completely specific advantages and disadvantages in each case.Camera-integrated flash units are suitable for rapid photography but naturally only have a short range and cannot be swivelled either.Plug-on or system flash devices with or without TTL, which are independent of the mains, offer different, creative flash modes with swivelling, tilting reflector heads and can also be arranged in master/slave groups.However, these models just don’t bring the required flash energy to the subject in the event of outdoor shoots or complex studio settings.On the contrary, powerful studio flash units need full mains voltage or depend on heavy, bulky rechargeable battery cases.The new Rollei professional HS Freeze 6 Studio Flash Device overcomes these limitations and facilitates greater flexibility and more creative freedom for you in your photography projects.

Thanks to rechargeable batteries, it can also be used at full capacity for outdoor shoots

The new Rollei HS Freeze 6 doesn’t only flash up to 500 times per complete battery charge when it is used in the studio but the enormous output of 600 Ws is already fully available to you again after approx. 1.9 seconds (recycling time).This enormous increase in mobility and spontaneity allows you to implement location ideas, which appeared to be simply impossible up to now.The sturdy aluminium housing is protected against spaying water, dust and sand in accordance with test class IP33* and the standardized Bowens connection accommodates further compatible equipment in addition to the extensive Rollei professional accessories. The flash device with guide number 80 can be carried comfortably to the place of use with the exchangeable, rechargeable battery in the carrying bag provided.

The receiver integrated in the flash unit has a range of 300 metres and can be controlled by means of transmitters that are sold separately.

The settings such as the modes or the flash energy can be controlled selectively and even stored by means of an app that is free of charge.Compatible transmitters for Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras as well as a universal signal generator with no HSS function are available as accessories.An infrared sensor can also be used as an alternative.Of course the powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery (14.8V/6 ah) is also available separately and you attach your Rollei Professional HS Freeze 6 Studio Flash Device with the optional mains cable via an AC adapter for the battery cradle to the 220-volt mains.

An important feature of the HS Freeze 6: The Easy Cap Function

With the new Rollei HS Freeze 6’s “Easy Cap” function, this can now be achieved quickly, and easily, with a very simple setup. It does this by automatically switching lighting setup between 2 or more shots, allowing for easier, automated, mask creation on the final image.

Freeze, HSS, 1st or 2nd shutter: The choice is yours

You can use the enormous output of the Rollei Professional HS Freeze 6 Studio Flash Device in the most diverse flash modes in order to successfully implement your creative photo ideas on a large scale as well.Up to 6 groups and 15 channels are available for the synchronized release of several HS Freeze 6 devices and the intensity can be precisely adapted to your expectations in 9 f-stops.You will certainly capture unique moments, which only last for split seconds, with the professional studio flash device.High speed sync (HSS) is possible up to 1/8,000th of a second and in freeze mode with 1/19,000th of a second you won’t miss the smallest water drop or the individual speck of dust or colour pigment.Synchronisation is done selectively on the first or second shutter and as well as the TTL option you can also predetermine all settings.The 20W LED modelling light also facilitates the exact positioning of the flash device in the event of difficult subjects.With the extensive accessories that are compiled under professional criteria the Rollei Professional HS Freeze 6 Studio Flash Device gives you a new freedom in creative image design that is completely regardless of the selected location.

Impressively consistent colour temperature

Not only do photographers attach particular importance to high flash output and as neutral a colour temperature as possible but also to the continuous availability of these characteristics across the entire spectrum of adjustable aperture stops. The Rollei HS Freeze 6 Studio Flash supplies daylight in accordance with the standard illuminant D55 (5,500 K), which is ideal for illumination of even extensive settings in a pleasantly colour-neutral manner. However, the unique feature of the mobile professional flash device is also derived from the amazing consistency of this power output, which is almost completely independent of the aperture stop and service life. The colour temperature varies only within the range of ± 150 K across a spectrum of 9 aperture stops. This is an enormous advantage as you don’t have to think any more about inadvertent colour distortions even during elaborate shoots where flash power is used. You will find the detailed data on the HS Freeze 6 - Colour Temperature/Flash Output diagram.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
Studio flash light incl. flash tube, protective glass and plastic cover, battery, charging cable, reflector, 5 magnetic colour gels, sync cable, bag, manual
Flash charging time:
Approx. 1.9 seconds
Output control:
9 stops (in 0.1F or 1.0F increments)
Flash output:
600 Ws
Multifunctional LCD (7.2 cm / 2.8“)
Burning time:
Normal: 1/800s – 1/8000s | Freeze: 1/800s – 1/19000s
Colour temperature:
5500 ± 150K (normal mode) | 5500 ± 800K (Freeze mode)
Guide number:
80 (with ISO 100, 2 meters and Reflector 55 Degree)
Power supply:
Exchangeable and rechargeable lithium polymer battery (14.8 V / 6 Ah)
0 – 15
A, B, C, D, E, F
Flash triggers:
Up to 500 (if battery is fully charged)
Protection standard:
Spray water, sand and dust protection
Modelling light:
20 W LED
Sync (3,5 mm) | USB (for firmware updates)
Infrared sensor:
Integrated (IR slave function)
Radio range:
Up to 300 meters (built-in radio receiver)
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