Rollei RE:FRESH Kit Full Frame Cleaning Kit

  • Large kit for cleaning cameras, filters, lenses,
    smartphones, tablets and displays
  • Sensor swab for professional wet or dry cleaning of the
    camera sensor
  • The lenspen effectively removes fingerprints, grease
    spots and dust on your lens
  • The air blower removes dust and sand
  • Microfiber cloth to clean displays and remove carefully
  • Cleaning swabs to remove dust and dirt on areas that
    are hard to reach
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The sensor is the heart of a modern camera and it must be carefully maintained and cleaned accordingly. Without regular cleaning of the image sensor and all of the other important functional parts of your camera the quality of your photographs will suffer enormously sooner or later. The three new RH:FRESH cleaning kits from Rollei are logically aligned with the different sensor sizes. This kit contains all of the necessary components for the maintenance and cleaning of your professional full-format camera and not only for the proverbial revitalization of the latter.

Professional all-around care for your valuable full-format camera

The Rollei Full-Format RE:FRESH Kit functions like an exclusive spa treatment for your camera:With the different, specially combined cleaning utensils and agents you can carefully clean and maintain any readily accessible corner.With the handy bellows you can free your full-format camera from microscopically fine sand and dust and the microfibre cloth serves to clean the display screen and the case. The two sensor brushes have the exact same width as that of the full-format sensor. You can remove contaminants or dust particles with a single wipe without leaving a ridge of dirt behind.The sensor cleaning fluid is so effective that only a tiny drop is sufficient for you to remove dirt.The Rollei Lenspen has a highly effective cleaning plate on one side for the care of glass lenses and the other side is equipped with a fine brush.In addition, there are still 50 lens cleaning cloths, a compact cleaning brush, 2 moist cleaning cloths and 8 cleaning swabs provided in theRollei Full-Format RE:FRESH Kit in order to be able to clean and care for your camera appropriately “from time to time” or when you are traveling.The cleaning equipment is packed in a sturdy bag for protection during transport and fast access.

Also suitable for monitors, smartphones and tablets

Naturally, you can also clean and care for other sensitive surfaces or display screens with the high-quality components of your Rollei Full-Format RE:FRESH Kit.Use the cloths and the fluid also for your smartphone, your tablet or the display screens of desktop or laptop computers. With the bellows and the brushes you can also easily and thoroughly remove dust, dirt or lint from the gaps in keyboards and Notebooks where it is difficult to gain access.

Please note: Our sensor cleaning fluids were tested on standard sensor types (full format, APS-C and MFT). Nevertheless, we recommend contacting your camera manufacturer before cleaning sensors in order to confirm compatibility.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
1x air blower, 1x cleaning cloth (15 x 15 cm), 2x sensor swaps for Full Frame cameras (24 mm), 1x sensor cleaning liquid (15 ml), 1x lenspen, 1x cleaning brush, 2x wet wipes, 50x lens cleaning cloths, 8x cleaning swabs, 1x bag
Sensor type:
Cleaning object:
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