Allround Tripods

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    24 products

    All-round tripods - valuable helpers in every situation

    One or more tripods are usually part of the equipment of photographers and filmmakers. In addition to the camera and lens, the tripod is one of the pieces of equipment without which certain photographs are impossible. The tripod is always used when the exposure times are too long to be able to take a razor-sharp picture by hand. Of course, photographers always like to use it when they want to take group photos or self-portraits.

    A decelerated kind of photography

    In the early years of photography, taking pictures without a tripod was not possible at all due to the long exposure times. Only with better film emulsions, powerful flash lights and finally with the digital sensors was it possible to take sharp pictures even by hand. Today, many photographers prefer to use the tripod again, because it forces you to work differently and more slowly. Especially in portrait photography or architectural photography, the quality and expression increase significantly when using all-round tripods.

    Numerous possible combinations

    Good all-round tripods are used in all creative areas. The reason for this is ostensibly their versatility. With a selectable number of leg segments, different working heights and load capacity, there is hardly a creative area in which tripods would not be an advantage. The versatility of the robust tripods is due to the fact that they can be combined with numerous different tripod heads. Whether ball head, gimbal, gear head, gallows or liquid head, thanks to a standardized thread, any type of tripod head and thus any type of photo camera, cine cam or camcorder can be securely mounted on the tripod.

    Several tripods are usually used in staged photography and portrait photography. If your own structures change often or if photographers want to experiment with different light sources and reflectors, particularly convertible and versatile all-round tripods are a real plus. They not only carry cameras, but also support them by carrying permanent lights, boom stands, flashes or reflectors. Especially when you don't own a studio or like to work outdoors, i.e. on location, tripods that are as versatile as possible are irreplaceable.

    Handy thanks to its small pack size

    The ideal tripod is robust, resilient, light and has a small pack size. Photographers can easily take a practical all-round tripod with them on vacation or on a hike. Depending on the model selected, large working heights are possible despite the small and therefore easy-to-transport pack size. The innovative technology, a well thought-out construction and modern materials such as light aluminum contribute to this.

    Secure hold on all surfaces

    If you attach expensive photo equipment to the tripod, you want it to be safe even in wind and weather. Many tripods offer the option of attaching additional weights to a hook below the center column. In this way, the low weight of the tripod can be compensated for in next to no time. In addition, the leg angles of the tripods, for which common areas of use in photography are optimized, ensure that the tripod has a firm footing in every position. The legs themselves are secured against slipping on most surfaces thanks to exchangeable rubber feet. In ice, wet or on other very slippery surfaces, photographers use the integrated spikes. This ensures that the tripod and camera are always safe, even when shooting in the current of a river.

    Twist-proof and easy to use

    Thanks to the new twist locks, it only takes a few seconds to set up the tripod. Furthermore, attention must be paid to the tripod body, because it guarantees a strong safeguard even under high loads, twisting of the legs or a one-sided load.

    The numerous advantages of versatile tripods summarized:

    - Handy thanks to its small pack size and low weight
    - cheap to buy and a real added value for film and photo
    - Secure hold for long-term recordings
    - versatile in the studio or on location
    - easy to assemble and dismantle