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    The perfect video - this is how it works

    In a good video, you usually don't see the work that has gone into it. The perfect cinematic material is characterized by its exposure, the flawless sound, sharp images, a successful editing and much more. Just as the thought processes and the time required for a film are not apparent, the viewer usually has no idea about the lighting in the video or the video equipment in general. Today, thanks to cameras that are getting better and better, it is possible to create appealing videos with a smartphone, but they rarely leave a professional impression.

    Buying video equipment Good doesn't have to be expensiven

    When creating films and videos, a large number of practical aids make everyday life much easier. Anyone who looks at the equipment in a video studio quickly understands that the most important thing is to position the light correctly. As a private user who wants to take their streaming or vlogging to the next level, there is no need for comprehensive professional studio equipment. But light stands, battery-operated RGB light panels or backgrounds are simple and inexpensive means of giving scenes that certain something.

    The video lighting LED - Put scenes in the right light

    LEDs as light sources have the advantage that they are particularly bright and yet energy-saving. Most of the lights offered with LED technology are not only equipped with white, but also with colored LEDs. This has the advantage that not only the intensity and warmth of the light, but also its color and saturation can be changed quickly and easily. In no time at all, filmmakers give the videos a creative touch. It is also easily possible to balance the video light used with the ambient light.
    If you are looking for video blog equipment or are looking for video equipment for YouTube, you are usually best served with a simple, fast and yet comprehensive solution. A ring light with an integrated holder for the smartphone proves to be the perfect helper for spontaneous videos in professional quality.

    The video streaming equipment small and powerfulk

    Lights, in connection with classic tripods or a space-saving table tripod, are indispensable helpers when creating films. Larger panels guarantee the illumination of larger rooms, while small solutions, attached to the hot shoe of the camera, ensure a journalistic and documentary look.
    The more filmmakers deal with video streaming accessories, the more creative the ideas usually become. Fluid heads, i.e. video heads for the tripod, are often used when the recordings should be blur-free and both horizontal and vertical panning with the camera should be particularly fluid and gentle. Directional microphones, radio links or practical wireless headphones are always used when the sound plays an important role and this should no longer mean a lot of effort in post-processing.

    Those who travel a lot with their video lighting or video streaming accessories value robustness and low weight. All items from the shop have been checked for their suitability for everyday use and guarantee smooth and safe use. It becomes particularly easy with rollable striplights or with light sources that can be used in different ways thanks to different light shapers. In this way, the equipment shows its versatility, which is later also shown in the finished videos or in streams.

    - portable and variable lights
    - Tripods for use at home, in the studio or on location
    - Remote triggers, rigs and microphones for high quality video material
    - Precisely adjustable lights in many sizes and shapes
    - Battery operation for use on location
    - easy to store and quick to set up



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