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Rollei Lampenstativ Lampenstativ 200 cm PlusRollei Lampenstativ Lampenstativ 200 cm Plus
RolleiProfessional lamp tripod 200 cm
price offer20,00 € Regular price59,99 €
Professional lamp tripod 285 cmProfessional lamp tripod 285 cm
RolleiProfessional lamp tripod 285 cm
price offer25,00 € Regular price89,99 €
Bundle 2x professional lamp tripod 200 cmBundle 2x professional lamp tripod 200 cm
RolleiBundle 2x professional lamp tripod 200 cm
price offer58,00 € Regular price76,00 €
Professional C-Stand studio boom standProfessional C-Stand studio boom stand
RolleiProfessional C-Stand studio boom stand
price offer128,00 € Regular price249,00 €
Rollei Licht Profi Studio-Galgenstativ inkl. GegengewichtRollei Licht Profi Studio-Galgenstativ inkl. Gegengewicht
RolleiProfessional studio boom stand including counterweight
price offer98,00 € Regular price169,99 €
Rollei Licht Lampenstativ 140 cm mit RollenRollei Licht Lampenstativ 140 cm mit Rollen
RolleiLight stand 140 cm with castors
price offer15,00 € Regular price29,99 €
Rollei Licht Profi Lampenstativ Traveler 215 cmRollei Licht Profi Lampenstativ Traveler 215 cm
RolleiLamp stand Traveler 215 cm
price offer49,99 € Regular price69,99 €
Rollei Licht Lampenstativ 200 cmRollei Licht Lampenstativ 200 cm
RolleiLamp tripod 200 cm
price offer28,00 € Regular price49,99 €
RolleiBackground lamp stand 60 cm
price offer29,99 €


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Lamp stands - light stands for studio flashes, steady lights & light shaper

Studio flashes, video and photo lights, light shapers and often also high-resolution action cams or panorama-capable 3D cameras require lamp tripods that are extremely stable and insensitive to vibrations or shocks on the one hand and can be folded or set up quickly and compactly on the other. Since light tripods sometimes have to carry equipment weighing up to four kilograms at a height of up to 285 cm without wobbling, a solid basic frame is just as important for the camera as for conventional tripods. This must not be too heavy so that the flash tripods remain portable and compact. A small packing size with a large working height is also important here. With the Rollei lamp tripods, which are suitable for use in photo studios as well as for outdoor shootings, we have brought all this to the point.

Professional light tripods for the perfect outdoor studio

Our Rollei lamp tripods withstand even the most unfavorable weather conditions or temperature fluctuations. The height adjustment is variable and can always be realized without additional mounting material. The additional bracing and the aluminium frame of the light tripod allow creative light guidance and illumination with absolute precision. Since the expensive and often heavy equipment is mounted at great heights, photographers in the studio and outdoors must be able to rely blindly on their lamp and flash tripods.

Infinitely adjustable lamp tripods for working heights from 57 to 285 cm

The Rollei lamp tripods can be easily adjusted to the desired working height, the flash or the video light mounted on the spigot or the 1/4 or 3/8 inch connection (depending on the lamp tripod), and you can immediately start shooting or filming. Even in daily continuous operation or during constant assembly and disassembly, the sturdy quick-release fasteners grip securely and permanently - and can be easily released again with little effort.

Advantages of the lamp tripods from Rollei:

  • aluminum ensures stability variable working height from 57 cm to 285 cm without additional fastening material
  • Small pack size despite the great working height
  • Air suspension for shock absorption when lowering the equipment Only with lamp tripod 285 mmm)