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    5 products

    Backgrounds - the finishing touches for videos and photos

    The digital post-processing of film and photographic material has long been standard. They alone make it possible to create unique moods, remove blemishes, perfect light, adjust colors and yes, even create completely new spaces. A Extendable green screen gives video and photographers access to completely new possibilities.

    The chroma key panel is the perfect background for the shootg

    A green or blue background is capable of any other background in the digital post-processing to replace. Our pull-out green screen or a foldable compact green background from our range is the ideal addition to the equipment. If you ask yourself what do I need a green screen for or how does a green screen work, you will find numerous tutorials on the Internet. The actors of a film or an interviewed person can be cut out easily, a green background or a blue background make it possible. The colored background acts as a placeholder, which can then be replaced with your own film material or content from the Internet. In this way, scenes can be imitated on location in the studio in just a few steps.

    A mobile green screen is the ideal streaming equipmentt

    The pull-out or the foldable green screen are not only ideal for video production, but also show their strengths when streaming or during a video conference. A number of programs and applications today are able to automatically mask the background and replace it with a background of your choice. This is particularly useful when streaming or conferencing from different locations, but the video material should be consistent. Unsuitable, restless rooms can also be hidden well behind a background.

    Stowable and transportable

    The foldable and extendable backgrounds combine small transport dimensions with low weight. This makes them the perfect addition to the equipment of every video and photographer. The material used for the backgrounds offers good protection against creases and creases and thus makes post-processing much easier. All backgrounds are delivered in a suitable transport bag. The foldable backgrounds can be leaned against a wall, attached with adhesive tape or attached to a photo or light tripod using our background holder.

    The ideal introduction to chroma keying

    Chroma keying, as it has been used with great success in film studios for years, is used for close-ups, interviews, but also for product video or photography. A mobile green screen as part of your own streaming equipment is always useful when space is limited or the desired background is not available due to the weather, the distance or the accessibility. The background during the shoot becomes a creative element that opens up completely new worlds.

    - robust and high quality processed
    - small pack size including transport bag
    - Fabric prevents unwanted reflections
    - free of creases and wrinkles
    - ideal for chroma keying