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    Everything for the home office - this is how the professional impression is achieved

    Working from home, from your own home office, is now commonplace. The office, but often also the kitchen table or living room, are becoming the new professional workplace and everyday life is determined by online conferences and video calls. During the first few days in the home office, it is not always easy to find your professional rhythm. The workplace and its equipment play a major role in the successful organization of everyday work.

    Setting up the office in the house is what it takess

    In order to create a professional atmosphere around you, you need a certain amount of technical equipment in the office. In the home office, it must be possible to overcome the physical distances between colleagues, superiors, but also the customers and yourself. If you are looking for ideas for your office at home, you can best be inspired by experienced colleagues and the wide range in the shop.
    In order to be able to present your position clearly and distinctly in a video conference, in addition to a stable Internet connection, you need a razor-sharp and clear picture and flawless sound. As with any video, image quality, lighting and sound also play a major role in video calls or conferences.

    Due to the weather, it is not always possible to sit at the next window. The lighting in video conferences requires a certain degree of constancy and controllability. Table stands, handy and at the same time robust RGB permanent lights or a webcam with high resolution are now part of the desk equipment. Anyone who reacts to poor lighting conditions with precisely adjustable artificial light is guaranteed to leave the desired professional and lasting impression on their conversation partners.


    The workplace and its equipment are robust and yet inexpensiveg

    If you want to set up your home office, you think about which electronics should be part of the equipment at the workplace. Well, that depends primarily on normal activities. Anyone who is involved in video conferences on a daily basis should think about how the quality of the recording can be increased. This is possible with the right backgrounds, small video lights, a high-resolution webcam and possibly the right tripods that correctly position small recording devices such as smartphones and the lights used.

    Small pack size and quick to set up

    In the case of an urgent phone call or a video conference called at short notice, things sometimes have to be quick. However, thanks to the easy handling of the accessories for the home office, this is not a problem. Table tripods, lights with long-lasting and large batteries and the webcam can be set up within a few minutes. All the technical equipment for the office can be found in a drawer on the desk and is always ready for use when the next job calls in front of the camera.

    The quality of your own recordings increases significantly, as the permanent and video lights not only allow precise adjustment of the light intensity, but also the color temperature, the light color and the saturation. This makes it particularly easy to create a balance with the ambient light. In addition, every camera reacts differently to the warmth and color of the light, so that this fact can also be adjusted in no time at all. With just a few utensils, it is possible to bring your own home office to a completely new level. This is reflected in our own work and especially in conferences and telephone calls with colleagues and customers.